Zoopla’s new marketing campaign to include TikTok for the first time – Property Industry Eye



Next week, Zoopla will launch its latest marketing campaign.

The multi-million pound campaign is focused on driving traffic and encouraging consumers to sign up to receive information from Zoopla, in turn generating more leads to agents.

Starting Monday, December 20, the campaign will run for ten weeks on mainstream channels including TV, VOD, digital and social channels.

The real estate portal says it wants to seize the market momentum of the so-called “Boxing Day Bounce” with its new campaign, which aims to capitalize on the strong demand for real estate.

Building on its previous marketing strategies, Zoopla predicts that the campaign will lead to a 28.5% increase in site visits between December and January.

Zoopla will resurrect her two 30-second TV commercials, “Bricks and Mortar” and “Neighbors,” which evoke Zoopla’s understanding of how the pandemic led to a reassessment of home for many. For the first time, the ads will also highlight Zoopla’s search functionality and, as a result, inspire consumers to find their next home on Zoopla.

The ads are voiced by actress Diane Morgan (star of the BBC Two comedy, Motherland) and will air on Channel 4, Sky and ITV, in slots such as Coronation Street, Emmerdale and The Great New Year Bake Off. Watch ‘Bricks & Mortar’ here and ‘Neighbors’ here.

The fully integrated campaign will appear across multiple media channels including TV, YouTube, VOD, display and social media, continuing to build on Zoopla’s new look and feel unveiled as part of its new image of brand in the spring, while TikTok will also be tested for the first time.

“Home movers have re-evaluated what they want and need from a home in the wake of the pandemic,” said Gary Bramall, Zoopla Marketing Director. “The launch of our new marketing campaign is an opportunity to put them in contact with houses that meet their criteria while showing the available stock that our agents list on Zoopla. “

“After a banner year for the real estate market, we wanted to launch the pre-Christmas campaign to give agents a quick start in 2022 and prepare them for success. We are about to entice these impatient movers to relocate and, in turn, this will lead to valuable leads for agents, ”he added.



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