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Faizan Ayubi, CEO and co-founder, Trackier.

By Faizan Ayubi

With more and more business moving to the online platform, affiliate marketing in 2021 has become even more relevant. The year 2020 has pushed us to switch to the digital channel, which makes it the “new normal”. The Awin Report predicted that affiliate marketing was worth over $ 16 billion in 2020 and that this would continue to grow at around 10% year-on-year.1 In fact, affiliate marketing numbers have skyrocketed, leaving behind the projected statistics. The rules of the game have also been changed. By evaluating what worked before and what customers are enjoying now, it’s easy to predict the most important affiliate marketing techniques.

For a few years now, data-driven marketing and voice search optimization have been the most popular trends. Now is the time to find new and innovative ways of affiliate marketing, exploring new areas in the marketing space. The biggest news for the industry this year has been the web giants’ abandonment of third-party cookies, which would change the dynamics completely. While the foundation for this ultimate form of digital marketing remains the same when an affiliate earns a commission for marketing a product or service while making a profit, understanding the driving forces behind the developing trend would be essential. To have the maximum impact, here are some dos and don’ts. Let’s start with the dos and don’ts.

Things not to do

Stay away from spam content: Spam attacks often occur during shopping season. Marketers and bloggers go to great lengths to reap the major benefits of affiliate marketing. In the rush to grab every opportunity, your content may become too “spam”. This can hamper the constant flow of traffic returning to your site. The highest paid hubbers focus on the “need” rather than the “want”. The best strategy to avoid the “spam” label is to not post content that the public doesn’t expect. While this could attract large amounts of traffic, the conversion rates would be low. This can lead to an affiliate losing credibility and even being removed from the affiliate program.

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Don’t ignore the affiliate terms and conditions

Usually, before signing up for an affiliate program, you will likely need to agree to an Affiliate Terms of Service document. These would clarify the ground rules for what you can and cannot do while promoting a brand. These guidelines must be followed to continue to receive full compensation. Failure to comply with the rules also sometimes results in the termination of the partnership.


Generate Compelling Content: One thing that has remained constant over time is the need for impactful and engaging content that keeps people coming back to their website. Whether it’s an email, video, or blog post, the most stable affiliates focus on creating compelling content for their viewers to keep them coming back. Ultimately, it all depends on the value the content brings to viewers and whether you are seen as a trusted source of information. And when done in a consistent and meticulous manner, promoting a service or product as part of an affiliate marketing program becomes much easier and more impactful. By creating valuable content for the audience and including affiliate links to the relevant brands, it opens up the possibility of connecting with new audiences and converting new sales.

Put the links in the right place: Whatever multidimensional online marketing strategies an affiliate may employ, they can only monetize their campaign through affiliate links. These links are also essential for keeping an eye on the online performance of marketers. These links are essential for an affiliate to gain credit for a customer referral.

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Don’t stray from your niche: too much of everything is bad. When affiliate marketers try to promote too many products or services in order to make money, things backfire. Marketing gurus advise that while this can be a good strategy for established marketers, it can have a negative impact for newbies. For example, if Wire Cutter, a favorite online review site for electronics, gadgets, and consumer goods, starts promoting home decor items, it won’t make much sense.

Audience and Product Research: An important step to successful affiliate marketing is that you need to make sure that the products you review on your website are genuine and have market credit. It is also important to focus on the target audience of the product. The inclusion of customer expectations for the newly launched product and some consumer testimonials would have a greater impact.

Generate Multiple Sources of Traffic: The main job of publishers is to drive traffic to these affiliate offers, which in turn drives more traffic to the advertiser’s website through an affiliate link. Ideally, this translates to higher profits and more conversions. Therefore, being able to generate traffic is the top priority for publishers and multiple sources of traffic would mean better performance. Today, mobile shares 46% of all affiliate clicks and 26% of all affiliate sales. Therefore, a mobile-friendly site is essential to outperform the competition.

With these tips, Trackier works out a perfect strategy for an affiliate publisher to achieve good results. The main point to remember is to avoid common mistakes and choose well-suited affiliate campaigns. It is important to choose an affiliate program that does not sell an inferior product and to promote the products digitally; these products have high conversion rates because they provide instant access and instant gratification to customers.

The author is the CEO and co-founder of Trackier. The opinions expressed are personal.

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