WhatsApp Launches ‘Message Privately’ Brand Marketing Campaign in India



WhatsApp has unveiled the Indian edition of its global consumer marketing campaign – “Message Privately”. The campaign, conceptualized by BBDO India, builds on the previous ‘It’s Between You’ brand campaign which launched in July 2020 and seeks to strengthen the social messaging company’s commitment to user privacy.

The countryside

Through a series of two films, which show real cases of everyday life, WhatsApp sends the message that it is a safe space for users to share their most personal moments with their loved ones.

  • The ‘Golden Jubilee’ film tells the story of an older couple, who are too shy to profess affection publicly but manage to exchange private messages on WhatsApp on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary celebrations in the midst of their family.

  • The film ‘Dream Job’ describes the story of a young woman who receives exciting news from her cricket coach. She shares it with her mother by messaging her on WhatsApp and sharing a mother-daughter moment while keeping other people’s privacy.

The launch plan

  • The integrated marketing campaign is launched on television with two main films and plans include radio amplification and out-of-home advertising.
  • Additionally, it would also include tailor-made content for Instagram and Facebook in the form of short-form vertical stories, Gifs, and animated posters to boost relevance.

CXO speaks

The campaign comes at a time when privacy has become the main concern, even as social networking and messaging sites like Facebook and WhatsApp increase in size and penetration across the globe. India is no different with the growing need for privacy.

  • According to Avinash Pant, Marketing Director at Facebook India, the campaign’s task is to emphasize that the privacy provided by WhatsApp through end-to-end encryption is not just a feature, but a feeling that leads to real human connections. . The campaign is built on several real stories from our daily lives, he adds.
  • This campaign, according to Pant, is an affirmation of the faith of two billion people around the world who trust WhatsApp to deliver their personal messages every day.

The agency speaks

  • Comparing WhatsApp to the living room setting – private and intimate – Josy Paul, President of BBDO India, said: “It is this safe place where we can all thrive and it is our truth, it is what we set out to do. to capture through relevant stories and moments. “
  • Interestingly, in the movies, the exchange between the characters is never revealed and is kept private, which is on purpose. Paul adds, “The campaign brings the joy of privacy to life in all of its daily drama and diversity. It is the intimacy that leads to beautiful moments of progress.

The big question

  • “How is this brief relevant to Indian audiences,” has always been a question for all of us, said Shimit Amin, famous Indian filmmaker and campaign manager.
  • Localization is a key part of the global campaign which has already been launched in many markets. “WhatsApp is part of our daily life in all kinds of ways and it goes without saying, but it was essential to focus on areas where privacy would play an important role in an Indian context,” says Amin. The team performed various experiments to arrive at what ultimately seemed to be the working formula.



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