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LONDON and NEW YORK, 06 July. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global telephony provider Webtel.mobi (“WM”) plans to list an SPV holding a percentage of its shares on a U.S. stock exchange. Significant interest is being generated both due to the wide range of products and services provided globally by WM’s AI-controlled “Metaverse” platform, and the potential volumes in this market sector .

Although WM does not refer to its platform as a “Metaverse” platform, but rather as a “Whole Market” platform, commentators are increasingly calling it a Metaverse. Indeed, its multiple systems cover almost the entire global market for payment and transfer transactions, in all industries and sectors, in all countries and markets around the world. This is also due to its provision of 100% secure multi-currency digital currencies and CBDC equivalents (referred to as “TUV”), and its AI-controlled “VSMP” business model – whereby any person or entity in the world can acquire a virtual WM platform for their own application.

Some experts view WM’s global multi-currency digital currency and CBDC equivalents as a potential replacement for cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, while others see its TITAN global account number and ICLM transfer system as a proven alternative to the global SWIFT system. These products, combined with the company’s near-zero operating costs and its global multi-spectrum telecommunications system and global online and offline payment systems across all sectors and industries – in what the largest banks and The world’s financial services companies describe as the largest market – are what are generating the significant interest in WM and its planned SPV listing.

According to some of the biggest names in international finance and business, the “Metaverse” market is the biggest market that has existed to date. Companies such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, HSBC and Citi said it was an $8 trillion to $13 trillion market, while other big companies such as KPMG said market size estimates were conservative.

Multi-Trillion Dollar Metaverse Market Predictions

Among WM’s “Metaverse” (or “Whole Market”) suite of products, services and utilities in this multi-trillion dollar marketplace include the following:

  • WM’s AI-controlled global telecommunications platform
    The “Mobile and Fixed Specialized System”: For very low cost mobile and landline calls and mobile SMS to, from and in all countries of the world from all mobile and landline phones. The telecommunications infrastructure and platform is the platform through which all of its other converged services are delivered.
  • The global equivalent of WM’s AI-controlled digital currency – also a global wholesale and retail CBDC equivalent
    The “TUV system”: The Company provides three types of TUV:
    • The Standard TÜV: A global multi-currency digital currency equivalent and a CBDC equivalent. It is instantly transferable for transfers and payments, convertible between currencies and redeemable in bank accounts or kiosks – secured for 100% of face value of currency in funds up to that amount.
    • The Secured TÜV: This has all the features of standard TUV, but is additionally secured for 100% of the face value of the currency in physical gold up to that amount. This aspect – along with its ability to convert between currencies – further protects against currency depreciation / currency crashes and inflation.
    • The Clever TÜV: A fully owner-programmable version of a standard or secure TUV – which renders most existing forms of transaction and intermediary contracts redundant, as the programmable currency itself regulates performance and payouts during and for all the types, durations and circumstances of transactions.
  • WM’s AI-controlled global multi-currency account and account number system
    The “TITAN System” and “ITAN Account Numbers”: A unitary and centrally controlled global account and account number system with free multi-currency account wallets for receiving and storing multi-currency charges, transfers and payments, using credit stored in the system and ecosystem in closed loop reserved for WM members.
  • Global online and offline payments systems controlled by WM AI
    The “ICLM Payment System”: A unitary and centrally controlled global online and offline multi-currency payments system that enables instant multi-currency payments and payment receipts – including instant sender-controlled currency conversions and instant controlled processing and settlement by the system – worldwide, 24/7/365, in the closed-loop System and ecosystem reserved for WM members.
  • WM AI Controlled Global Transfer System
    The “ICLM Transfer System”: A unitary and centrally controlled global multi-currency transfer system that enables instant multi-currency transfers and transfer receipt – including instant transferor-controlled currency conversions and instant system-controlled processing and settlement – in the worldwide, 24/7/365, within WM members – Only closed-loop system and ecosystem.
  • WM’s AI-controlled global currency trading system
    The “Currency Exchange”: A Pure Peer to Peer (“PP2P”) Multi-Currency Global Currency Exchange System. It allows members to make instant currency exchanges directly with each other, at exchange rates negotiated between them, outside of the global foreign exchange market and its rates set by banks.
  • WM’s AI-controlled zero-cost global marketing, support, and fulfillment models
    The “VSMP” Where “Virtual specialized mobile provider system”. This system brings a near-zero cost global operating model through the use of 21st Century-old technology and communication capabilities, through which all member-based, commercial and other organizations around the world get their own version of the WM system and platforms for free and use it for their own revenue generation.
  • WM AI Controlled Zero Cost Global KYC and AML Model
    This system is the most advanced and secure global KYC and AML system currently in operation internationally, in which the complete KYC and AML processes are applied and double-checked by qualified lawyers and/or notaries worldwide on all WM or WM-Affiliate (VSMP) members prior to them being able to use many of the WM member-only closed-loop platforms and facilities.
  • WM AI Controlled Global Clearing System
    The entire converged AI-controlled WM system. This realizes and gave rise to a fully functional version of John Maynard Keynes’ “International Clearing Union” (in which the TUV realizes and sets up the “Bancor” instrument envisioned by Keynes).
  • The solution for the unbanked market and a benign cash replacement
    The entire WM system also provides the world’s first fully functional and fully operational product that fully brings unbanked and/or underbanked markets into the 21st Century Digital Economy, and simultaneously provides a functional and functional system that replaces cash without infringing on the privacy or rights of individuals.

WM services are difficult for incumbents to compete with because they operate at faster speeds and higher levels of security than any other similar service, are Pure-Peer-to-Peer (“PP2P”) with no intermediaries, and , above all, are provided either free of charge or at very low prices.

WM is able to provide its converged services – including in-house instant processing, settlement, real-time gross settlement and pay-versus-pay services – at zero or ultra-low cost as they all operate via / out of its telephony systems, services and platforms. As such, they operate at no additional cost to WM.

All WM systems, platforms, facilities, products and services have been fully tested, undergone due diligence and proven over eight years of restricted global operations fully operational to a limited number of members with its platform. -shape 1. The results of these tests were then fed. in WM’s Refined Platform 2 rebuild.

WM’s Platform 2 is now fully completed, tested and ready to begin global operations without restrictions, and already has global affiliates with over 288 million members.

WM lists the SPV on a US retail exchange to open up the use of its secure and smart TUVs to a wider group of people. Indeed, for an initial period, although Standard TUV will be available to all WM Members, Secure TUV and Smart TUV will only be available for acquisition and use by Members who are shareholders of WM. and shareholders of the SPV to be listed in the US. WM shares are not publicly available, so the SPV listing is a way to allow for wider dissemination of accessibility to these specialist TUVs. It will also give some early investors in WM the opportunity to acquire cash for their WM shares – which will be the assets of the SPV.

The company is listing the SPV ahead of restarting its unrestricted global operations. Indeed, his experience from his previous eight years of global operations with Platform 1 showed that even with full AI control of the system, global operations (all countries and territories) as opposed to international operations or multinationals (some countries or many countries) is so vast on a 24/7/365 basis, that it will not allow time for listing once it is relaunched.

WM itself is not listed because it does not need funding to advance its global operations and expansion. Its construction, development, operating and other costs were covered by its founders and a small group of private shareholders, and it has no debt and no institutional funding or institutional shareholders. This is also why, although WM had previously obtained eligibility from the United Kingdom Listing Authority and the London Stock Exchange’s Primary Markets team to perform a standard listing on the main board of the London Stock Exchange, it refused to do so.

More information about WM is available in a written for the public version of its latest internal report to its private shareholders, attached to this article.


WM media contact:
Nick Lambert: [email protected]

Research papers on the convergent capabilities of the WM system by Professor Jan Kregel of the Levy Economics Institute:

WM press articles:

Webtel.mobi (Holdings) Limited – Redacted Report – June 2022

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