Viral Pitch runs an influencer marketing campaign for Unocoin


Viral Pitch, an influencer marketing, research and analytics platform, has announced it has been awarded the influencer marketing mandate for Unocoin, the crypto exchange platform. Through this association, Viral Pitch will offer the brand influencer marketing services.

The influencer marketing platform conceptualized a YouTube campaign for the brand whose main goal is to ensure brand amplification. Via this association, Viral Pitch will also help the crypto brand to break myths around cryptocurrency and digital investments. It aims to help the brand connect with recognized financial influencers for increased engagement and reach.

The campaign was launched in early October 2021 and is still ongoing. The agency said that so far she has been well received within the influencer community. “Influencers actively engage with the brand and publish innovative content to promote Unocoin’s core USPs among their strong subscriber base,” the agency said.

Sumit Gupta, Founder of Viral Pitch, said, “Cryptocurrency is growing in importance, especially among millennials. Considering that Unocoin is the premier crypto exchange and is recognized for its diverse crypto-related functionality, partnering with it is indeed an important step for us. We are delighted that our YouTube campaign has received a positive response so far and hope that with our help and creativity the brand will be able to achieve its business and digital marketing goals ”.

Sathvik Vishwanath, CEO and one of the co-founders of Unocoin, said, “Crypto is an investment mode of a new era. Therefore, various misconceptions are associated with it. This was one of our main goals: to shatter those myths and spread awareness of the practicality as well as the benefits of digital currency and crypto investments. Since influencer marketing as a digital tool gained popularity, we decided that this was the right strategy that would help us achieve our goals. Considering that Viral Pitch is recognized in the industry for its high-end services, we thought it would be wise to partner with them. By relying on their expertise in the field, we hope to get closer to our objectives ”.


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