VIEDA Begins Negotiations with Global Marketing Campaigns Consultant to Boost USVI Investment



VIEDA CEO Wayne Biggs Jr.

In June, the Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority solicited highly qualified consultant proposals for a Global Marketing Campaign Consultant, Request for Proposal # 2021-003-USVIEDA. The objective of this initiative is to develop a global marketing strategy for the US Virgin Islands to recruit companies in the eight target sectors identified in the Vision 2040 Target Competitive Sector Analysis.

On August 6, an evaluation committee made up of internal and external members carefully reviewed and noted the proposals. The top two bidders continued the interview process on August 16 by the evaluation committee. Earlier on August 27, VIEDA’s board of directors agreed to begin negotiations on a contract with the successful bidder, OCO Global, a UK-based trade and investment advisory firm with offices in New York, France, Germany and Asia. .

VIEDA CEO Wayne Biggs Jr. said, “Developing a global marketing strategy is key to attracting diversified investment to the territory and strengthening our economy, target industries and new direction for USVI. This global marketing campaign aims to develop a new brand of corporate marketing to diversify the economy and attract foreign direct investment.

After the successful execution of a contract between VIEDA and OCO Global, work will begin on the global marketing campaign.

The full RFP can be viewed on the USVIEDA website at

Vision 2040: Our community. Our economy. Our Future – A Vision of Prosperity for All. USVI’s full 20-year economic development plan can be viewed at

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