Top 5 Most Viewed TV Commercials Revealed: Datacenter Weekly


Most Viewed TV Commercial Stars

Can you name one of the five most exposed actors on television? Probably not, but you certainly know their work.

At the request of Ad Age Datacenter Weekly, TV commercial tracking service compiled a short list of the most viewed commercial players, measured by the total number of TV ad impressions of the ads they star in. Here is the exclusive list, based on commercial broadcast data (national and cable broadcast) collected from January 1 to October 24:

5. Milana Vayntrub – “Lily” in all those AT&T commercials: 12.5 billion
4. Jim Cashman – “Jamie”, sidekick of “Flo” in progressive ads: $ 15.5 billion
3. Kevin Miles – “Jake from State Farm” in the State Farm commercials: $ 19.2 billion
2. Stephanie Courtney – “Flo” in all those progressive ads: $ 23.3 billion
1. David Hoffman – “Doug” of Liberty Mutual’s “LiMu Emu & Doug” commercials: 27.9 billion TV ad impressions

For parodies on some of their commercials, check out a recent “Saturday Night Live” ad awards skit here.

When consumer data ends up in government hands

A company that collects and sells consumer information gleaned from cell phones has said it is the source of some of the advertising data used by the Department of Homeland Security and other government entities to track cell phones without warrant, shedding new light on how device location data is harvested and sold in a secret multibillion dollar industry, ” The Wall Street Journal’s Byron Tau reports. Mobilewalla, a Singapore-based digital advertising company now based in Atlanta, said last week in a letter to Sen. Ron Wyden (D., Oregon) that it had indirectly provided some of the data used by DHS, l ‘Internal Revenue Service and the US military for warrantless tracking of devices, both at home and abroad.

Keep reading here.

Express marketing

Datacenter Weekly readers are invited to download a free copy of “Brand Purpose” a new white paper that examines how consumers value brands with purpose, what media choices can say about a brand, and what Gen Z expects from brands and employers. Ad Age Datacenter produced the “Brand Purpose” based on Kantar data and analysis.

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