Top 5 Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Revenue by Gaining More Instagram Followers


Every business today needs an online marketing strategy, and social media is an integral part of that. But gaining Instagram followers organically is a difficult process, especially for new accounts starting today or businesses trying to expand their reach. IG rewards accounts that already have a lot of fans by placing their posts in more feeds, further accelerating their growth.

But where does that leave someone whose IG account is still small or new?

“Users looking to grow an account, especially for a business or personal brand, need to find new ways to initiate an influx of Insta followers so that organic growth can occur,” says Ronald A. Harris. , CEO and Strategic Marketing Director of BuyTopLikes. com. “Then their content will be shown to more users, driving even greater audience growth.”

One of the best ways to improve your online presence is to buy Instagram followers for $1. This can give you the boost you need to get your posts in front of more users, who will then have the option to follow your account if they like it. As your audience grows, you will be able to reach more people with marketing messages about your company’s product or service.

Here are 5 other marketing strategies to increase your income by gaining more Insta followers:

Find out what your competitors are doing and find out where you stand

This doesn’t mean you have to necessarily try to copy a competitor, but you can learn from them. In addition to considering what each competitor is doing right and wrong, look at the industry as a whole. Are there openings where your business could fill a niche? Sometimes an opportunity may arise when you notice that no one in your industry is offering a particular product or service, or no one is offering it in the unique way that you do.

Another thing to consider is the aesthetics on Instagram that every competitor is looking for. Do they all tend to use similar colors and stage elements in the same way, or is there a lot of variety? You’ll want to settle on a signature look for all photos in your own Insta feed, so making sure it sets you apart from others in the space is key. You might want to choose a slightly deeper color palette, take more close-up shots if competitors prefer wide shots, spend more time on outdoor or naturally lit shots, or offer another alternative.

Don’t be afraid to have fun or step out of your niche

The majority of your IG posts should entertain or educate your fans, with only about 20% purely marketing. It’s fine if you can educate or entertain in your area of ​​expertise, but some people are good at picking a topic at random. metal artist Colin Young, who has over 10,000 followers on Instagram, posts a picture of himself holding a pizza every Friday.

More ideas to become more engaging:

  • try introducing a weekly theme like Young or try something new every Friday until something happens;
  • think about what your target market likes, in addition to your product or service, for ideas;
  • if you know your followers are likely to enjoy a particular type of music or movie, you can share stories on Insta;
  • another idea is to follow current viral videos or trends!

You won’t always find one that matches your brand personality, but sometimes you might. For example, many IG users have started editing themselves in photos from the upcoming Barbie movie, complete with neon costumes and other 90s clothing. You can also come up with a joke about your brand that matches the trend.

Borrow someone else’s audience

Collaboration is the name of the game. Keep constantly looking for opportunities to work with other brands, whether it’s co-sponsoring an event or posting videos using other people’s products. You want to search for brands in a complementary space so that they are not your competitors, but your target markets must have a lot of overlap. For example, if you have a salsa business, you can team up with a tortilla maker. If you do makeup tutorials, you can do an IG guest video on a hair influencer’s feed (and vice versa).

How to start? Follow these tips:

  • Make a list of Insta accounts of similar size or slightly larger than yours that appeal to your target market. Brands whose products or services can be used in conjunction with yours should be at the top of the list.
  • Avoid taking on industry leaders, as your Instagram audience sizes are unlikely to be similar enough to make a collaboration worthwhile.
  • Follow your chosen IG accounts, like and comment on some of their posts.
  • Contact accounts via DM, letting them know you like their feed. Mention something specific you like, like their update tutorial.
  • Suggest an idea you have that would appeal to their Insta audience, such as a prom hair and makeup post.
  • Offer to help with the part of this idea that falls within your industry expertise.
  • Let them know you’d be happy to share the video with your followers and tag them.
  • Also suggest that they make a guest spot on your stream.

Once you’ve used these tips to understand how to gain Instagram followers, you can save time and improve your efficiency by automate the process using planners and other tools. These allow you to pursue your marketing strategies with less hassle, so they will work even when you are busy with other tasks.

Make your bio a marketing machine

Many business owners fail to fully utilize the potential of their business’ organic GI, which can mean missed opportunities. Here are some ways to get the most out of your bio:

  • Use link landing pages. Insta only allows one link per bio, but sometimes you might want multiple posts referencing different links, and you don’t want to change your bio every time. To solve this problem, many professionals now use a “link landing page”. This is a link that leads to a page with many other links, tagged with specific offers or products – “Half-Off Sale on Swimwear”, “New Camping Gear”, “10 Ways to use lemons in cooking”, etc. These landing pages allow you to promote multiple pages or topics without editing your bio.
  • Your Insta bio should state clearly and simply what your business does. If you have a concise slogan or motto, put it here. Otherwise, briefly summarize your mission statement. “Perfecting the art of brewing craft beer”, “Helping companies prepare their tax returns”, “Making cupcakes for your special occasions”, etc.

Use a good quality photo for your Instagram profile. Using people inside is a great idea – let the viewer know that people are happy to shop at your store or work for your business.

Keep surprising your audience

You never want to let your content become stale or predictable. Once you have new fans, keeping them engaged is key as this is another key metric that IG’s algorithms look at to determine how many posts to show. Use Insta Insights to see which posts are most popular each week. Instead of just making more of the same type of content, think of new ways to reuse it or put a different spin on it. For example, if people like your bodega cat videos better (cats are famous) think about new ways use the chat. It doesn’t always have to be displayed in your bodega. Sometimes you can dress the cat up in a superhero costume or show him doing tricks in the parking lot.

You can also leverage your most popular content for cross-promotion ideas. Perhaps your most popular photo could inspire a blog post, a TikTok video, or even a podcast. You can mention or link to the original photo or your feed to drive more traffic to your profile.


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