Top 10 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies For Business Growth


by Sayantani Sanyal

November 6, 2021

Marketing in cryptocurrency is as crucial as in any other industry. Cryptocurrency marketing is essential for business growth and prosperity. Blockchain has evolved from a simple fintech-focused business to one that facilitates everything from supply chain management to content publishing. Currently, there are now thousands of cryptocurrency businesses popping up all over the place. Starting a basic marketing project for a business is different, but when it comes to a crypto marketing project, leaders need to consider competition and several other factors. In this article, we talk about the 10 best cryptocurrency marketing strategies that will drive business growth.

• Leverage social media: Social media is one of the most important marketing tools of the modern age. Certainly, this is also the most crucial for crypto marketing. Marketing teams use these platforms to connect with the global crypto community and draw attention to their projects. Besides traditional social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram, businesses can also use BTT and Steemit for more visibility.

• Press Releases: A good cryptocurrency press release takes extra effort from the team, but it is always advisable to use popular news and public relations services to amplify the news of any upcoming token or project. . There are several press release websites online, some of which are dedicated to crypto-RPs that allow the publication of information about cryptocurrencies.

• Paid advertising: Paid advertising is like pay-per-click ads that could also get a lot of public attention outside of the crypto community. Search engines are the most popular choice for this type of advertising. It takes little research and identification of the appropriate keywords to associate with projects. Facebook, Reddit, and Google are well known for these services.

• Use of air drops: Air drops were once extremely popular. They allow the free distribution of tokens to those who register. A wide distribution of tokens ensures that they have reached a wider range of audiences. Airdrops are pure cryptocurrency promotion stunts and are also an easy way to gain subscribers and users. It also helps bring liquidity to the token supply.

• Email advertising: Email and database marketing offers a lot of power as it helps businesses reach their target audiences personally and increase sales. This is a form of direct marketing that involves sending targeted emails about a recent project launch or crypto installation, or token launch to specific people, who are existing consumers or customers. potentials. Airdrops and other parts updates can also be delivered through email marketing.

• Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing is a modern technique that is becoming particularly popular in the crypto marketing space. This technique can give huge reach to the community through individuals or groups with millions of followers on social networking sites.

• Use of referral programs: Referral programs have the highest retention and conversion rates of any other marketing channel. It’s as simple as the fact that the public would only trust a product if a friend uses it. To encourage this word of mouth marketing, companies reward loyal customers. Then they promote to get more deals, and new customers who join are also given various great deals.

• Website design: One of the most crucial things to do before launching a crypto coin is to develop and manage a business website. It is imperative to choose an attractive web design and create an online platform for potential investors. It also gives the company the opportunity to explain to the target audience why they should invest in the coin and what their goals are.

• Direct messaging: This is another effective method of publicizing future updates or launches. The public can ignore an email marketing message even after reading it. So, sending them a message directly will get their attention to get more responses.

• Affiliate Marketing: The only difference between affiliate marketing and influencer marketing is that it can be done by anyone on the brand rather than a social media influencer. It works by dividing product marketing and creative responsibilities among various parties, like sellers, buyers, and the affiliate.

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