The Undercurrent of Exponential Growth for a Young Ecommerce Retailer – Affiliate Marketing


New case study shows rapid affiliate program growth resulting from JEBCommerce and LinkConnector.

Together, JEB and LC have helped us build transparent and profitable relationships with Affiliate Partners, helping our brand connect with relevant audiences.

Entering the ocean of e-commerce and standing out from big box stores to acquire customers is a daunting endeavor for small businesses. Cafe Last, an espresso machine retailer, found affiliate marketing to be its lifeboat. With strategic advice from JEBCommerce, an affiliate management agency, and technical solutions from LinkConnector, an affiliate network, Café Last has sailed and thrived exponentially to increase revenue 285% above its goal. .

A case study released today by JEBCommerce (JEB) and LinkConnector (LC) tells how Cafe Last harnesses affiliate marketing innovation to enable exceptional growth and exceed revenue targets in the first two months of its business. affiliate program. Graham Cooke, Founder of Cafe Last, explained how “Together, JEB and LC have helped us build transparent and profitable relationships with Affiliate Partners, helping our brand connect with relevant audiences.”

Affiliate Marketing has proven to be an invaluable way for Cafe Last to grow customer acquisition, access technology solutions, and increase revenue while achieving profitable return. The case study results illustrate the diverse reach Cafe Last achieved through affiliate partners reaching consumers at all stages of the buying journey, with content affiliates generating 43% of affiliate channel revenue when ‘they connect with buyers at the discovery stage.

Developing a profitable presence in e-commerce equipped with metaphorical oars, flares, and locator beacons to stay vibrant are the lifeboat qualities that online stores enjoy and increase with the tide when they have a schedule. expertly led affiliation.

About LinkConnector

LinkConnector, one of the leading performance marketing networks, sets itself apart with a focus on customer partnerships and constant innovation. Since 2004, LinkConnector has driven the industry with curation of cutting edge tracking solutions and proprietary technologies that provide customers with a huge advantage (e.g. Infinity Codes and Bare Coupon Technology). LinkConnector creates valuable relationships between global online retailers and major affiliate influencers and is recognized as a leading network on industry lists such as Vendor to the Internet Retailer Top 500, mThink Blue Book and AffStat Report. And, LinkConnector was recognized as a finalist for the 2019 Publisher Choice of Network Award and the 2021 Best Affiliate Marketing Innovation Award with the Performance Marketing Awards.

About JEBCommerce

Based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, JEBCommerce is an award-winning performance marketing agency that helps online brands increase customer acquisition and drive incremental growth. Working with over 300 brands in their 17 years, JEBCommerce has always delivered results to its customers. The agency was a 2016 finalist for the OPM Agency of the Year at the Rakuten Marketing Golden Link Awards – a distinction it won in 2009 and has been nominated three times since -, winner of the 2019 OPM / Agency Pinnacle Awards of the year and was ranked # 19 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2017 Best Corporate Cultures list among many other accolades.

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