The Top 3 Marketing Challenges Your NFP Faces and How to Solve Them


HubSpot offers an essential solution for the 96% of industry leaders struggling with their marketing strategy, limiting the impact and growth of their NFPs.

While navigating uncertainty has become synonymous with the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that nonprofit organizations (NPOs) navigated their way through economic, political, and social fluctuations long before lockdowns.

It’s no secret that successful marketing is an essential tool for NFPs to amplify their impact and reduce noise, especially when compared to other businesses.

Not only does an effective marketing campaign raise awareness of an organization’s cause and mission, it also stimulates donations and attracts volunteers and supporters, which ultimately increases growth.

Worryingly, our latest research reveals that nearly all nonprofit leaders surveyed (96%) struggle with their marketing strategy, which limits the overall effectiveness of their organization.

We found three key factors contributing to this result. The first is that more than half of leaders (60%) did not understand if their marketing activity was actually succeeding in achieving the desired results.

Second, 45% of executives didn’t know which technology was best to invest in to deliver, optimize, and report on their marketing campaigns. And finally, a similar proportion (43%) struggled to identify where to find their support base and what channels to use to reach them.

Third, our research shows that NFPs rely on online community groups, SEO, email marketing, and organic social media to attract their audience. But while these channels were clearly identified, less than half of respondents felt they were using these platforms effectively.

All of these experiences reflect a strong need for technology-based solutions to help nonprofits overcome the myriad marketing challenges inherent in the industry and engage their audiences.

Global industry reports show us that implementing new software and developing employees to properly leverage these systems are consistently among the top concerns of NFP leaders. Closer to home, we also saw digital and technical skills, including data analysis and online collaboration, widely sought after across the Australian and New Zealand NFP sector.

Without good data, you can’t make good business decisions, and a user-friendly system like a customer relationship management (CRM) platform can become the lifeblood of your business.

A CRM platform, like HubSpot’s, integrates software, including marketing, sales, service, operations, and website management products, and support to help organizations scale from efficient and sustainable way.

Unfortunately, almost three in ten Australian NFPs do not use a CRM and almost half (45%) of industry leaders do not understand the purpose of the platform. But that’s understandable given that many NFPs have fewer resources and time to invest in both proper technology and employee development, instead of working with outdated legacy software.

An NFP that harnesses the power of technology to scale and grow is the social enterprise and ticketing innovator, Humanitixwhich aims to disrupt the industry by channeling its event booking fees into social impact projects.

When we spoke to the CEO and co-founder of Humanitix, Adam McCurdie, he commented on the people-centric approach we have taken throughout the integration process.

He told us, “Every time you sign up, you get a call from one of our people, triggered by HubSpot. It was important to us not to just automate because of technology. Instead, we look at things in the other way – we can evolve our human and tactile approach.”

We know that technology that leaves behind the people who need it creates even more challenges than it solves, which is why we are constantly focused on the ongoing training and support of NFP teams.

Our brand new HubSpot for Nonprofits offers eligible nonprofits an ongoing 40% discount on our software, plus access to personalized resources and a support network.

HubSpot is here to bridge the digital divide between NFPs with agile teams and those who feel ill-equipped and overwhelmed, so that more impact is felt in our communities.

Like the NFP industry, our platform is always adapting to new challenges, and it’s a great investment to make to take your marketing to the next level.


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