The New Marketing Handbook: Tips for CMO Success in a Post-Cookie, Goal-Driven World


The world of marketing is changing at a rapid pace, from the need for new strategies in the face of inflationary pressure, to strategies to prepare for the phasing out of cookies, and ways to navigate the growing importance of real-time social commerce. And the 2022 holiday season is just around the corner, forcing retailers to develop plans to meet these challenges.

That’s why marketing playbooks for the second half of 2022 and beyond should include:

  • Build loyalty before cookies disappear: The loss of cookies and other third-party tracking tools means that retailers will have to focus on first-party data, while respecting privacy by building shopper loyalty;
  • Humility when branding with a message: Shoppers want to buy from brands that share their values ​​– and that means those values, not the retailer, must take center stage;
  • Knowing that live streaming isn’t just about sales: Live streaming is a powerful tool for social commerce, but retailers need to prioritize entertainment and content while ensuring they capture valuable viewing data; and
  • Marketing, finance and IT are breaking down their silos: Modern marketing is too complicated a task to be handled by a single team, and CMOs need to connect with CFOs and CIOs to combine the talents of all their departments.

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