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If you supply building materials, you need to be innovative in your marketing. Chances are that several competing companies offer similar building materials. The digital space offers opportunities to reach new markets, improve your brand popularity and increase sales volumes. As in traditional marketing, you need to combine several methods to achieve your marketing goals.

Here are some digital marketing strategies that can increase your lead generation and sales numbers.

Sell ​​your construction materials on the markets

A marketplace is a website that connects buyers and sellers. Sellers can showcase their products and buyers can make requests. Once a customer finds what they need, they can contact you or visit your site to make a purchase. One of the main advantages of building materials market is that you get qualified leads. Many people who click on your products will actually buy.

Strive to have your products in marketplaces that sell building materials to increase your chances of making sales. However, you can post your items to other marketplaces on the internet. You should have someone on hand to respond to customer inquiries in time to secure sales.

Use SEO to drive organic traffic to your website

Your website is your virtual site and all other digital marketing activities link to it. You can use a search engine optimization strategy to drive organic traffic to your site. When an Internet user makes a query on a search engine, web robots crawl the Internet to find sites that provide relevant information.

Most customers will only open the first search results on the first page. If you want to be part of these websites, you need to invest in SEO. This is an umbrella term for various activities that help your site rank higher in search results.

Some SEO activities you should consider include keyword research and embedding keywords into your content. You also need to optimize your website’s performance by increasing your page speeds, creating a responsive website, and making it easier to navigate.

Connect with your audience using social media marketing

Businesses can use social media to communicate and connect with their one-on-one markets, as well as share valuable brand insights. It also gives your business a human face, as customers and prospects learn what goes on behind the doors. In the building materials market, social media helps you reach individual homeowners and small contractors who can make up a substantial portion of your market.

You can open a page on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Once you’ve set up your pages, start creating content. Mix content so you have sales content, information, and humor at different times to keep your audience engaged. You can also run advertisements and campaigns on these platforms.

Develop a content strategy

On the Internet, content is king. The more engaging and valuable the content, the more likely it is to have favorable results. Customers who purchase building materials need information to help them make the best product choice for their building projects. Therefore, your content should inform, educate and persuade them to buy.

Create a content strategy that determines what content you’ll post and when, the target audience, and which team members will be responsible for the work. If you have multiple platforms such as blogs, social media platforms, forums, and marketplaces, plan what type of content to put on each platform and what goal you want to achieve.

Increase engagement with video marketing

Videos have the biggest impact in modern marketing. Most people will watch the video much longer than they will read the text. A while ago, a study by Wyzowl found that video delivered excellent ROI in 87% of video markets.

You can use video marketing to market your building materials in these ways:

  • Show your products in action, explaining various features and qualities. For example, if you sell bricks, show the bricks used for construction and explain why they are the best. You can talk about high quality, pure, cheap or sustainable building materials depending on your brand positioning.
  • Talk about different topics in the building and construction industry, ranging from material selection, mix ratios, storage, strength, and all emerging topics. This helps your business demonstrate your subject matter expertise.
  • Highlight events that have happened in the company, such as community service, obtaining certification, changes in management, new product inclusions, and any other positive news.
  • Highlight testimonials from satisfied customers

Implement a few strategies and measure the results. You will need to adjust several variables until you get the best combination that produces the desired results. Also, avoid spreading yourself too thin in order to control all digital marketing activities. There are plenty of other digital marketing strategies you might want to try. However, the ones listed above are basics that can move you forward when marketing building materials online.


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