The Drum Awards For Social Purpose: A closer look at the best in the Brand Purpose category


Ahead of the awards ceremony on December 8, we recap the nominees in the Best in Brand Purpose category, in which Arcadis, Economist Impact, Ballantine’s, Aflac and Dove are all shortlisted.

All of the nominees have now been announced for the Drum Awards for Social Purpose, but while we’re counting down the days until the ceremony (part of our week-long awards fest that runs December 5-9), we thought we’d take an in-depth look at the campaigns vying for Best in Brand Purpose.

These awards celebrate people and brands who make a positive contribution through socially responsible marketing on a global scale, with the Best in Brand Purpose category judged on clear strategic thinking using research and insights, creativity and insight. innovation, results and tangible results, proof of effectiveness and impact and measurement.

Arcadis and the man bites a dog

The Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index (SCI) 2022 builds on a legacy index of 100 global cities first published in 2015. The 2022 report incorporates a series of new indicators and cities, and measures activity across three pillars ( Planet, People and Profit), ranking each city according to the results.

Arcadis has challenged Man Bites Dog to refresh its index to help the company retain its market-leading position and reinvigorate the urban sustainability agenda at a time when economic pressures (from pandemic recovery to the impacts of conflict ) were dampening momentum and investment.

The revamp has allowed the SCI to maintain its position as the flagship urban sustainability index, amplifying Arcadis’ thought leadership position and generating international speaker opportunities for Global Cities Director John Batten.

Since its launch in June, the campaign has garnered over 700 (internally verified) coverage pieces in over 50 countries, with an independently estimated reach of 450 million. High-profile hits range from international FT publications to Australia’s Daily Telegraph and Time Out Magazine. The campaign microsite was visited by over 12,000 people, with a high average wait time of almost five minutes.

Impact Economist

Economist Impact is a new business unit within The Economist Group. Proprietary research found that his clients are increasingly turning to his public policy and thought leadership offerings to explore topics important to their businesses. It also highlighted the desire of the organizations they work with to be more than sellers of advertising space.

With 75 years of experience in evidence-based policy research in 205 countries, The Economist was in the right place to make it happen. The team informs policy choices through benchmarks, economic and social impact analyses, white papers, forecasts and scenario models.

The scope of its projects is broad (health, sustainability and new globalization) but focused on solving critical issues at the intersection of people, planet and progress. Economist Impact was launched in September 2021 at the United Nations General Assembly during the session on the Sustainable Development Goals – a moment of global significance watched by the world’s most influential people.

In its first year alone, Economist Impact has helped more than 1,000 partners engage the public with the influence needed to effect real change. One highlight is The Sustainability Project, which has had over 97 million impressions (paid and organic) and 356,000 unique users. The editorial film series has garnered over 2 million total views and attracted its largest organic user base with 35% of the total user share, 5,588 hours spent to date and 25% users organic back since its launch.

M&C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment and Ballantine’s

In 2021 and 2022, Ballantine’s marked its own commitment to making music culture safer and fairer for all. Through his True Music platform, he has long been a champion of diverse talent and underrepresented music communities around the world.

Ballantine’s 2021 “Resetting the Dancefloor” report found that one in three music lovers worldwide have experienced discrimination, and a further 84% witnessed it on the dance floor. By surveying more than 2,300 music lovers on four continents, Ballantine’s aimed to take action to address this issue through a series of commitments and initiatives, including a six-figure fund to support emerging music collectives and the True Music Studios global activation.

True Music Studios has brought together underrepresented artists, promoters, panelists and bands to celebrate local sounds, scenes and diverse communities, providing music fans around the world with inclusive experiences both in real life and live at home.

The campaign saw 17 ads from media such as DJ Mag, Wonderland, Record of the Day and Gay Times. This editorial reach reached a total reach of 3.8 million, with Balentine’s social reach attracting over 6 million on social media. Working with 181 artists, led to +12% female representation across all events (up from 34% to 46% in 2020 activations) and over 30 inclusive events held in line with Balentine’s Safe Dancefloor policies, attended by 15,000 consumers and reached 128 people. million people online.


Aflac believes that healthcare costs shouldn’t come at the expense of peace of mind, and for more than 65 years has helped people who face expenses that health insurance doesn’t cover. In 2021, Aflac went even further by launching the Close the Gap initiative, which educates, supports and advocates for the critical and growing problem of medical debt, including its disproportionate impact on people of color and those in underserved communities. and underfunded. .

Through a multi-faceted campaign and elements such as a short film, extensive national research, and grant programs, Aflac helps Americans understand and protect themselves against what insurance doesn’t cover so that they can worry about everything else.

For the launch of Close the Gap in January alone, Aflac had nearly 800 million impressions, 8.7 million social media impressions and an ad value equivalent to $5.2 million. With nearly 90 placements earned in national media, including Forbes and local newspapers such as Kentucky’s Harlan Enterprise, Aflac has raised awareness of the critical issue of medical debt and its disproportionate impact on underserved communities.

To date, impressions resulting from the initiative have totaled 1,510,447,206. children facing cancer and sickle cell disease, 10,000 volunteer hours logged by 173 employees in 2021, and more than $1,283,792 donated to United Way to support local communities. where employees work and live.

Collectively and Dove

For three years, Collectively’s work with Dove focused on the intersection of product and purpose marketing, driving impact on product narratives in tandem with purpose-driven marketing and a diverse and inclusive cast. In 2022, Collectively developed a cross-platform, cross-category strategy to accelerate Dove as one of the top 10 influencer-led beauty brands in the United States and increase brand awareness through creator-led brand storytelling.

Learning from three years of Dove work carried out by Collectively, he actively invested in the acquired and nano communities, building relationships that could drive new interest, a larger share of voice and value-added content. It also hosted its influencer content consistently, rolling out A/B testing to gauge success/optimizations across formats, messages and asset types, as well as increased investment in macro and elite talents to expand reach and awareness.

He would then tap into consumer sentiment and trends on YouTube and TikTok to ignite brand relevance and deploy a relationship-driven mindset, building partnerships that work for brand and talent, and applying competitor learnings to take Dove content to the next level. And, finally, track all traffic driving commerce to major retailers to measure the direct impact on sales.

This work spanned 22 paid campaign briefs and 13 direct mail while nurturing and growing a community of over 1,000 creators through paid and paid activities. The content drove massive reach and awareness, with over 573.5 million total impressions and impressive bottom-of-funnel activity, with content exceeding the benchmark “intent to share” rate by 27%. ‘purchase’, which further enhances the power of influencers to drive sales.

In July 2022, the results of its annual campaign generated significant gains and measurable brand improvement, boosting the brand’s positioning in Traackr’s social beauty brand rankings from 14th to 4th place, with a VIT ranking increase of 704% year over year. year.

For more information on the awards and how to attend/watch the results, visit the dedicated site.


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