The Best Video Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales


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Advancement in technology has brought society to the point where a large percentage of information or content consumed comes in some form of video. This is partly due to the effortless accessibility of videos, as well as how well-made videos can hold the viewer’s attention for far longer than originally intended. The smart phone continues to attract everyone.

As with everything, people in the business world have found unique ways to use videos to their advantage – video marketing is one of the biggest benefits. As an author and speaker James Wedmore once said, “Stop thinking of ‘video marketing’ as this separate entity that’s optional for your business. Video is an effective form of communication that should be incorporated into all aspects of your existing marketing efforts. »

With video marketing being incredibly vast, it can be difficult to know which area to focus on. For this reason, we reached out to eight different business experts to understand their surefire video marketing strategies for increasing sales.

Clear objectives

Zach Letter is the CEO of Wonder Works Studio, a brand specializing in the creation of video games. He thinks deciding what the video is supposed to do should be a key goal.

“When it comes to video marketing, the idea might seem very generic and broad. With videos being a creative outlet, there are endless scenarios that can be brought to fruition. This is something you should consider when preparing investing time or money in a video project. Set clear goals for what you want your video to accomplish. Is it strictly an advertisement? Or is it more of a demonstration of the intricacies of your product? By setting goals to strive for, you’ll keep the project on track, which will result in better quality video.”

Demonstrate credibility

game company is a platform aimed at allowing everyone to interact with data and media related to sports betting. Their CEO, Jaymee Messler, suggests showing elements of the company that would make the viewer trust the brand more.

“The average customer is usually aware of when they’re watching a video that tries to showcase a product without trying to look like it. They’ve seen enough ads to spot the sales tactic from a mile away. However, the human relations bond can be used to gain credibility with potential customers. Find people who have had a positive experience with your product or business and ask them to talk about that experience on camera. Potential customers are much more likely to believe in your business if they hear it from a real person rather than flashy graphics.

Where is he going ?

The internet seems to have no end no matter where you go. Every thought that has ever been had is present somewhere online. rowan for dogs is a company providing products for the health of a dog’s coat. Their CEO, Michelle Arnau, considers it important to be tactful in choosing where a video will be viewed.

“Some videos are designed for specific platforms and it is necessary to both recognize and participate in this trend to be successful. For example, it would not make much sense to upload your YouTube video ad to your website. business, because much better content than a 15-second commercial is possible in this space.Before you start filming and editing, choose specifically where your video will go in your online presence.

Write a screenplay

Leo Livshetz is the founder and CEO of Pin up, a brand offering luxury blankets. He advises having a written plan of what will be filmed or created.

“The fastest way to waste your time while losing your audience is to try to create unscripted videos. First of all, lack of planning will result in excessive editing time because all your shots will probably miss second, your audience will likely be viewing your video blind, meaning they have no knowledge of what the video is about. When this is the case, transparency is needed when trying to connect with a Although you may have a good understanding of what you are presenting, the audience may not and a script will help you with that.”


Beca’s house specializes in elegant furniture with the possibility of renting items. Their CEO, Eliot Schwarcz, thinks it’s wise to learn and feed the stats generated from a video.

“Putting a video online and never referencing it again is the wrong way to do video marketing. Your video’s viewing and engagement analytics contain valuable data that you can use to your advantage. The number of views is a pretty obvious metric that can be useful, but there’s more depth available to see how long people watched the video or how many interacted with an element of it. your future videos should be influenced by the data fed back to you from your viewers, and when done well, it should further increase awareness and engagement.

Create for engagement

Corporate videos can serve a variety of purposes, but ultimately they share a common goal: to convince the viewer to participate. looria is a platform that collects product reviews and prices from the internet for the world’s most popular products. Their co-founder, Tavis Lochhead, offers this approach.

“Getting your video in front of people is only half the battle. The second half takes place in the video viewing experience. Your video should be created with the intention of inviting or enticing the viewer to interact with the video in the way it suggests. If someone watches your video and they like it, but there’s no way for them to engage, it’s almost like they never saw the video in the first place. because there was no follow-up action. Do and show everything you can on screen to make people want to engage with you.

Understand your audience

Anish Patel is the founder of Tinto Amorio, a brand offering natural wines and spritzes for mindful pleasure. He cautions others against uploading videos without knowing who they are uploaded for.

“The main reason major movie studios are so successful is because they understand who their target audience is and what they like. Movies are built specifically around that information. The same can and should be done in video marketing. If you know who is already interacting with your business and who your target audience is, you can design content around the traits and characteristics of those people. Ideally, this will drive more sales as more people come to you. will involve, because they will watch content designed with them in mind.

The right technology

Azuna specializes in products used to remove odors from the air. Their Marketing Director, Phillip Montalvo, believes that the elements responsible for the physical filming and creation of a video have a huge impact and should be given special attention.

“Video production has been around long enough that even the untrained eye can spot errors or quality flaws. When these issues are apparent, people are much less likely to be interested in what is shown to them. Even if they are somewhat interested, there will likely be a low opinion of your business due to poor video.For this reason, you need to use high quality cameras, microphones, lighting and more in order to be successful. the visual consumer test.

Video marketing is an incredibly difficult beast to tame due to its ever-changing nature. However, it is a business worth pursuing, as the benefits of a well-designed strategy can greatly influence a company’s bottom line. To achieve this, a plan is needed. This is summarized by the producer and actor Will Keenan“It’s not what you download, it’s the strategy you download with.”

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