The Art of Storytelling in PR, Marketing & Advertising News, AND BrandEquity

Devesh Gupta, Urvi Thakkar, Nitin Mantri, Akanksha Jain, Amit Nanchahal and Sidhharth Singh (left to right)

Storytelling has become extremely central to a brand’s PR strategy. Today, brands don’t want to share metrics but rather share interesting stories around products that evoke a certain emotion among their target audience.

A panel with Urvi Thakkar, Senior Director of Communications and Public Relations (Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan and India),, Siddharth Singh, Head of Corporate Affairs, Tata Power-DDL, Amit Nanchahal, Director Partner, Corporate Communications, PepsiCo India, Akanksha Jain, Head of Public Relations and Corporate Communications, BharatPe and Nitin Mantri, Founder and Managing Director of Avian Media discussed the changing role of storytelling in public relations.

Kicking off the conversation, Devesh Gupta, Brand Solutions Leader, ETBrandEquity shone the spotlight on the rule of thumb that will make a brand story work best.

Along the same lines, Nanchahal said, “The rule of thumb is to always keep three things in mind, the brand story should be simple, emotional and authentic. Make the story effective and engaging. Simple narratives are also something that can attract more eyeballs.

He added: “The younger generation is socially conscious, so try to find purpose in the narrative.”

Talking about the dos and don’ts of storytelling, Jain shared, “Make the story a priority. It’s about the message, not the brand. Additionally, people appreciate more authentic stories that portray failures that provide them with new learnings.

Thakkar added, “Trying too hard to sell the story doesn’t work. Instead, try to make inspirational stories.

Storytelling is a long-term game and cannot be done in a single day. Mantri had a mixed reaction to this and thinks it’s both a yes and a no.

Speaking on using digital channels to reach multiple audiences, Nanchahal added, “While digital is important, the art of storytelling in its authentic form continues to exist. It’s so important to come up with a mix.

He added, “We also live in a world where there is a lot of content where it can get lost. So selecting the channels and streaming them in the right way helps effectively. »

Thakkar said, “The future of storytelling will require a fusion of creative content and data-backed analytical content.”

Jain added, “Storytelling will become even more important, but we’ll have to make it more data-driven and tie it to commerce and continue to track open rates and click-through rates.”

The panel highlighted talking points around the past, present and future of public relations mandates. Today, brands have a widely deployed media plan to communicate their message across all channels in a consistent manner.


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