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CHENNAI: The “Tamil Nadu Organic Agriculture Mission” will be implemented by the Department of Horticulture using a cluster-based approach with two clusters in each district with a size of 50 hectares, announced today Agriculture Minister MRK Panneerselvam at the State Assembly.

Presenting the agriculture budget for 2022-23, the Minister said “It is scheduled to undertake promotional activities such as raising awareness of farming practices through special trainings and exposure visits, provision of information on soil health, advice on bio-fertilizer production units and the distribution of inputs, creation of a residue analysis laboratory to test products, register with the Organic Certification Department, etc. Rural development.”

The minister said work is underway to increase yields and increase productivity by producing high yielding, drought tolerant and flood resistant seeds for farmers.

With a view to facilitating access to quality seed and providing advice on seed production and organic certification to farmers, an integrated seed certification office complex to accommodate seed certification, seed inspection and seed testing will be established in Villupuram and Tiruppur districts at an expenditure of Rs. 0.4 crore.

In addition, to ensure the quality of organic products produced by farmers, 100% support for the cost of analysis of residues of organic products will be granted. For this purpose, an amount of Rs.12.50 Lakh will be allocated annually.

Organic farmers incur significant expenses in certifying and marketing their organic products.
product. Therefore, the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) will be introduced to facilitate the marketing of organic products at the national level without incurring certification costs.

Tamil Nadu Government Focuses on Digitization of Agriculture and Introduces Latest Software

In this framework, to carry out seed certification activities in a fast and transparent manner, the “SPECS” software has been developed to provide a real-time service to farmers and seed producers. An exclusive mobile application will be developed to integrate Organic Certification activities under this software

In 2021-2022, 100 SHGs were trained in seed production techniques by the Department of Seed and Organic Certification and Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Depending on the demand, more self-help groups will be formed on seed production of cotton, millet, etc., in 2022-23.


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