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A digital marketing expert shares his insights on how to thrive in this multi-billion dollar industry

Affiliate marketing is definitely not dead. This is something that Robert Todeila is certain of. According to the digital marketing expert, 2022 is an exceptionally profitable year for affiliate marketers – if they are able to execute the job properly.

Incepted as far back as 1989, affiliate marketing is a business concept in which certain brands allocate a certain percentage of their sale as a commission shared with content creators who can act as a source of buyers or leads. Each successful referral can bring in pennies to even hundreds of dollars depending on the program.

However, since Amazon’s controversial cut in commission rates in April 2020, many have started to think that affiliate marketing is no longer worth doing. However, Todeila’s claims are actually backed up by real data.

In a report by leading data company Statista, affiliate marketing has shown remarkable growth in the US alone with an impressive 76% increase in total value in the last six years alone. American companies have spent over $8.2 billion on affiliate programs as part of their revenue generation efforts.

“E-commerce, the foundation of this niche marketing model, is booming and is expected to reach $5 trillion in value this year,” Robert says. “So it’s indisputable that affiliate marketing is in a timely position to take ownership as well.”

The challenge, adds Todeila, is being able to do this effectively given the ever-changing market trends. He explains that if the harvest is ripe, those who can benefit from it are those who can evolve and stand out from ever-tighter competition.

Successful content creators and influencers rely on several strategies and methods to maximize affiliate marketing. These include having an established niche, mastering their chosen platform, learning how to optimize their content, and selecting an affiliate program that works best for them. In 2022, Robert cites marketers will need to step things up — and in the right direction.

“Being a successful affiliate marketer in 2022 will depend on a number of factors. An important aspect is being able to drive high engagement,” says Robert. He further explains that brands are now more selective in choosing their affiliate partners and focus more on content creators who can connect more deeply with their audience.

This game-changing development is good news for newbie affiliate marketers because research has shown that a smaller number of followers reaps higher engagement compared to pages that have larger audiences. It’s a classic story of quality over quantity. According to the data, influencers with only 1,000 to 5,000 followers have the highest engagement rates with an average of 5% compared to only 1.6% for others with a much larger number of followers.

Robert Todeila is currently marketing director and co-founder of Adsvertsing Ltd. with his business partner Emil Manasia. Based in London, the agency has been helping businesses with expert digital marketing services since 2016.

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