Pivo and GiddyUp team up in direct-to-consumer marketing campaign


Pivo Influencer

Partnership designed to rapidly accelerate sales of Pivo Influencer

We’re excited to partner with Pivo and help social media influencers create better with Pivo’s breakthrough technology.

—Trevor Branch, GiddyUp Sr. Business Development Manager

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, Nov. 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pivo, Inc., a leading developer of AI technology solutions for content creators, announced a partnership with Giddyup, a direct-to-consumer product marketing company. service. The partnership between Pivo and Giddyup will focus on the Pivo Influencer, a smartphone camera mount that offers potential and established social media influencers a way to create better videos.

“At Giddyup, we combine the power of performance-based partnerships with cutting-edge technology, data, strategy and creative to help drive profitable hyper-growth,” said Trevor Branch, senior director of business development at Giddyup. “We are thrilled to partner with Pivo to bring incredible new technology to shoppers around the world.”

Branch continued, “We are working closely with Tom LaVoie and the Pivo team to reshape the way people create and shape their content. Tom has shown incredible leadership as we prepare to launch the campaign and drive Pivo’s growth. We’re excited to partner with Pivo and help social media influencers create better with Pivo’s breakthrough technology.

The Pivo Influencer is a smartphone tripod mount (iOS or Android) that offers 360 degree face and body tracking. This means anyone with a smartphone can now create dynamic solo videos that capture their every move.

Pivo Influencer Special Features:
• Intelligent body and face tracking
• Action tracking function
• Automatic zoom for a fluid and homogeneous framing
• Pose mode for easy hands-free still photos
• Login mode to login to other apps like TikTok
• Fun creation modes to create creative content
• Portable and lightweight for travel
• Affordable and easy to use

Through its partnership with Giddyup, Pivo is quickly becoming the leading provider of smartphone motion tracking mounts in the US and globally.

About Gidyup
GiddyUp connects brands with our performance marketers to influence, reach, promote and sell consumer products to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Unlike traditional marketing, GiddyUp works on a performance basis to drive real results. GiddyUp also invests its time and resources to bring campaigns to life. Since 2013, GiddyUp has launched over 150 direct-to-consumer brands across a wide variety of verticals – from health and wellness to travel, home and automotive, gadgets and more. We’ve generated over $1 billion in brand revenue and acquired over 10 million customers in 30 countries. To learn more, visit: https://getpivo.io/offer-01/

About Pivo
Pivo, Inc. is a developer of AI technology solutions for content creators. The recipient of multiple innovation and design awards, Pivo specializes in helping creatives capture stunning images using their smartphones. Pivo distributes its Pivo Pods in more than 150 countries. For media inquiries, email [email protected] For sales and distribution inquiries, email [email protected] or visit https://www.pivo.ai/.


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