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PepsiCo’s brand of crisps Lay’s launched a non-fungible token (NFT) project in partnership with the digital assets platform Arch Project In Romania. The initiative sees Lay’s join a growing list of brands using technology as a marketing tool.

In 2018, Lay’s launched a marketing campaign in the United States called Smile with Lay’s. The campaign featured enthusiastic smiles on the chip wrappers, and with every purchase, a donation was made to Operation Smile, an international children’s charity.

Since then, the theme of “smiles” has been at the heart of Lay’s marketing strategy even after the campaign ended, and has contributed to their success. “Everyday smiles” campaign in 2020, which sought to build a counterpoint to masked faces.

Following the theme of smiles, the NFT campaign for Lay’s in Romania is entitled “Share smiles with Lay’s”. The digital asset implementation strategy highlights that Lay’s is likely trying to attract a younger, digitally native consumer base. The auction also supports an engaging and interactive marketing approach.

The NFT represents a visual arrangement of over 3000 smiles. The digital asset was created on the Polygon network, an Ethereum side chain that is more energy efficient than the Ethereum mainnet. It is auctioned by Lay’s Open sea page, and the auction exceeded $ 300,000. All proceeds will go to four non-profit organizations active in educational, ecological and social issues in Romania.

“The SMILE ImpactNFT is an example of a cross-sector partnership that can generate social impact in a creative way that adds ongoing value,” said Max Song, CEO of Carbonbase and Founder of Project Ark. “There are clear synergies between striking NFT and making the world a better place.

The NFT is part of the ImpactNFT initiative, which is an online marketplace launched by Project Ark that funds animal and environmental conservation efforts around the world. Meanwhile, Project Ark is a blockchain-powered conservation platform built with Carbonbase and the World Wildlife Fund Panda Labs.

Other brands using NFTs as a marketing tool include Audi, Bacardi, and DKNY. Another angle is to use product positioning in online games via NFTs. Nascar teamed up with ZED run to place digital horse race Nascar horses marked as NFT in the game, and Coca Cola launched an NFT collection through the digital reality game Decentraland.



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