Palm Beach unveils marketing campaign and logo for its new marina


Months before the City of Palm Beach Marina reopened to the public, a creative agency hired to market the facility presented its sweeping plans to City Council.

In a presentation on July 13, Paul Jacober, Principal and Creative Director of Miami Beach-based Jacober Creative, shared with board members a complete visual identity, branding strategy and advertising plan for the marina, which is being modernized as part of a $ 38 million redevelopment. project.

The construction of the new marina in the city of Palm Beach is on schedule for July 21, 2021 in Palm Beach.

Work includes expanding 84 docks to accommodate larger boats, replacing fixed docks with floating docks, adding a fourth wharf at the north end of the marina and installing a new security system.

The establishment is expected to reopen on November 1.

“Our goal was to create a complete and consistent brand identity and corresponding brand assets that appeal to residents and prominent visitors who will moor their vessels at the marina,” Jacober told board members. “We also wanted to create messages, both with verbiage and visuals, that will make the new facility a successful business economically. “

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Over the past eight months, Jacober Creative has worked closely with Assistant General Manager Carolyn Stone and her staff to develop a strategy that will ensure high dockage levels year round at the Marina.

To date, leases for 78 percent of the new marina’s slips have been filed for annual and seasonal leases, according to the city.

“Our vision is to be the premier destination for the yachting community,” said Stone.

During his presentation, Jacober described a five-step process to achieve this goal.

The logo for the new City of Palm Beach Marina is inspired by the Palm Beach Regency architectural style of the 1950s and 1960s.

First, the agency solicited feedback from marina customers and conducted market research to help with the brand identity process.

This process culminated with a new image of the marina that combined modern influences with a “definite sense of history and place that is Palm Beach,” said Jacober.

Jacober Creative then developed a logo for the marina usingThe Palm Beach Regency Style, an architectural style popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s that featured classic arched windows, crown moldings, and pediments.

“It’s a classic signature associated with the city,” said Jacober.

The new marina logo, with its shapes, angles, curves and colors, marries the tradition and heritage of the island’s past with contemporary application, Jacober said.

It features Classic Bodoni custom typography combined with nautical icons – an anchor and a rope – and the letters P, B and M. The colors are an all-American red, white and blue.

“It’s the quintessential call to Palm Beach’s heritage, but politely takes a look to the future,” Jacober said of the logo. “It’s something longtime Palm Beach residents could relate to, as well as a new generation who will eventually use the marina. “

Jacober Creative also created an advertising and marketing campaign for the marina labeled “Anchored in the Heart of Palm Beach”.

The campaign photos and videos were filmed at various locations in Palm Beach over a 2.5-day period earlier this summer, Jacober said.

The campaign will roll out starting this fall with ads appearing in various publications including Modern Luxury Palm Beach, Modern Luxury Hamptons and Manhattan, BOAT International and DockWalk, Jacober said.

The slogan “The only super yacht marina in the city of Palm Beach” will appear in these ads and on social media.

“Overall this is a complete visual and branding strategy highlighting Palm Beach as the ultimate gear, from the beach to restaurants, golf and shopping, to have a good time,” said said Jacober.

A new website for the marina went live on July 15.

The marina takes seasonal (November 1 to April 30), annual (December 1 to November 30) and transient reservations. For more information, visit the website or call 561-838-5463.

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