Opinion: The Five Best Digital Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Business Growth in the Logistics Industry


The author shares digital marketing strategies that can impact businesses of all sizes

Sep 22, 2022 4:12:00 PM | Article | Mohit Rathi

Digital marketing doesn’t have to feel intimidating or overly convoluted; it taps into the human mindset and the algorithms take inspiration from the way humans think. The simpler and cleaner your communication framework, the more receptive people are to absorb it and the better it will perform. As a brand, this is a crucial point to keep in mind when it comes to capturing an audience. And, once you have your audience, you can focus on what your customer is looking for and work to deliver it to them.

For logistics companies, like any other business, strong and effective marketing can be a key factor in growing a business by keeping customers at the center. According to a Google search report in 2021, search interest in the phrase “which brand is good” has increased by 41% in India. People are more aware of the brands they support, so it is more important than ever to target your customer niche to offer them the best services. Effective digital marketing strategies can improve brand image and promote solutions, stay visible and create priority recall. A strong online presence with a clear brand voice can build trust and ensure customers don’t forget about you.

Whether you’re an old hat in the industry or a new player, these digital marketing strategies can definitely impact businesses of all sizes.

Performance Marketing

To get the best value for money, performance marketing is one of the key areas where companies should spend their marketing dollars. Payments are based on tangible results – a click, a sale, a lead – or an engagement, if you prefer. This makes the success rate generally higher since the campaigns are highly targeted and designed to achieve the desired goal. Depending on the TG you are targeting, platforms such as Google, LinkedIn, and Meta are your best bets when looking to advertise your business.


Did you know that the average person does three to four searches a day? In terms of logistics, by optimizing SEO on your website, users looking for a service or researching supply chain, automation or movement of goods without any specific company in mind can be directed to your business. Improving your technical SEO score can lead to higher rankings in search results. Additionally, effective content and blogs will help generate leads while building strong brand equity. One can also use chatbots and popups to improve lead conversion and reduce bounce rates.

Similar to SEO driving traffic to your website, App Store Optimization (ASO) is crucial in attracting potential customers to your app. Not enough companies are investing in ASO when they should! This can be your secret weapon to securing a source of interested parties.

Social Media Marketing

In the digital age, an active social media page can create buzz, establish and solidify brand image, and even drive engagement through relevant and targeted posts. Collaborating with influencers relevant to your business can solve the problem of lack of human contact while creating engaging content that adds to the power of your brand. This will allow you to create better stories and improve the customer experience. Additionally, a seal of approval from a reliable influencer can help establish credibility for your brand.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is useful because it can promote your business for the purpose of generating traffic, leads, or sales. The affiliate receives compensation while you acquire more customers. It’s a win-win for both of you while giving your service a real boost! However, affiliate marketing can be susceptible to fraud, so it’s important to seek out trusted partners who are transparent about your business interest. Remember to check with internal benchmarks, pay attention to anomalies and analyze data regularly.

Personalized customer experiences

As Seth Godlin noted, “Marketing is no longer about the things you do, it’s about the stories you tell.” Anyone with a mobile phone has access to WhatsApp and email, making them direct channels to communicate with customers. There is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach when talking to your customers; personalized messages can help customers feel valued. Send triggered emails and WhatsApp messages to promote lead nurturing, offer discount coupons to near-converting customers, and retarget lost site visitors. Be sure to cover your bases by incorporating automation for continued selling!

Customers are drawn to brands that speak to them and think like them. It becomes essential to integrate them into your growth journey, which creates a lasting relationship with your company. All it takes is a good hop on the digital train to accelerate online logistics business with state-of-the-art websites, ERP integration, and track and trace apps for your customers. Remember to back up your plans with analysis and insights and practice constant evaluation to ensure your initiatives are working. Stick to the right fundamentals and create an unforgettable experience for your audience; your business growth will take care of itself.

The author is AVP – growth and marketing, Porter


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