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Predicted to reach nearly one billion mobile phone users by 2023, the Indian consumer is on the radar of markets of all sizes and segments across the globe. Digital media has provided an unprecedented platform for small and large businesses to market their products and services directly to their target group. In order to target the message to the potential consumer, organizations spend a lot on several digital platforms. However, there are still an abundance of options for businesses and organizations with a limited or no marketing budget.

Zero-budget digital marketing strategies offer businesses the opportunity to boost their product or service’s presence in the market. They must strategically plan the mix of marketing tools applied at each stage based on performance and insights to make efforts more meaningful and results-oriented. Below are the best budget-friendly digital marketing strategies that can help organizations establish their digital presence and accelerate their business growth.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO lays the foundation for a holistic marketing ecosystem. Even if it doesn’t yield instant results, creating, implementing and evolving an SEO strategy should be a top priority for all businesses. “Search” is the primary way to drive digital traffic to your website, making it an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Greater visibility and higher search rankings than your potential competitor can have a big impact on your ultimate goal. A digital marketer must curate best-in-class intent content with the user in mind. This can only be achieved after a thorough study of current keyword trends, followed by rigorous competitor analysis.

Social Media Marketing

Social media, being a great tool for digital marketing, helps to reach a wider audience and tap into markets that can provide a higher conversion rate. According to a study, almost 70% of millennials shop online after viewing branded content. Regularly posting content on social media can help improve brand engagement and give exposure to a new group of potential customers. With the introduction of reels and IGTV on Instagram and various social media apps such as Clubhouse, Snapchat, Tik Tok is helping to increase engagement which does not require money, all it needs is consistency in publishing content.

Content marketing

Content is king. It is central to branding, positioning and marketing your message to the target group. Writing and delivering content in multiple formats for multiple mediums is key to circumventing the chaos on the internet. Nowadays, artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are used to deliver a personalized message using user cookie data to create a more effective reminder. Limited by their budget, organizations and businesses should study algorithms on different digital platforms to leverage them for wider reach.

Affiliate Marketing

Emails and newsletters are great ways to communicate with the public which allows them to keep up to date with the latest launches of their favorite products or services. Gaining more knowledge about email marketing and affiliate marketing can help brands grow by enrolling in digital marketing courses from prestigious and world-renowned universities.

Digital PR

Often seen as part of SEO, PR on digital news portals helps to increase brand awareness and build credibility with readers.

Generating organic relationships with online publishing platforms helps double the reach of your message while generating actionable leads. This can be achieved by creating data-rich content that is of public interest but supportive of your marketing message.

As the majority of businesses and consumption patterns evolve online, it has become imperative to stay on top of trends, discover new marketing strategies, and hack innovative tactics. This has further led more people to opt for a career or business in the digital marketing industry.

Major platforms offer comprehensive digital marketing programs with a deep dive into skill sets such as SEO, email & affiliate marketing, content marketing, social media management that help learners develop impactful digital campaigns. With the right industry-relevant training from accomplished faculty, digital marketing can be an intellectually challenging and financially rewarding career.

(The author is Director of Marketing, Great Learning.)


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