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In a fireside chat between Ishan Bose, Chief Marketing Officer, Kreditbee and Palash Gaur, Vice President, Business, Mobavenue at the second annual Performance Marketing Summit hosted by, the duo discussed the how brands and marketers are looking for many channels outside of regular pay channels, to reach the next level of growth. The chat focused primarily on Affiliate Marketing being one of those channels.

“When you talk about paid and self-attribution platforms like Google or Facebook, it’s the platforms that are attributing themselves and that’s how they charge you,” Bose said, pointing out the aspect of the scale.

Speaking of the benefits of self-attribution platforms, Bose explained that these channels give the advertiser more control over entry. “These platforms have a huge amount of inventory owned. The larger your inventory, the easier it is to control targeting on the advertiser’s side, ”he added.

“On the other hand, if you’re talking about affiliate platforms, the idea is to look at some cost models that get you started,” he continued. Bose pointed this out with an example. “If you start with a cost model that is too high of the funnel, it might not give you huge control over the middle or the bottom of the funnel,” he said.

Gaur then raised a question about the reliability of affiliates, given that platforms like Google and Facebook cannot be relied on all the time. Bose responded that by relying solely on Google and Facebook all the time, you are just putting all the eggs in one basket. “Each chain would have its own limits to give you the right kind of ladder at the right price,” he added.

Affiliates come into play when paid platforms cannot be relied upon due to the huge expense, according to Bose. “It gives you more variety in terms of the type of advertising you want to do, the type of platforms you want to target, and the type of users you want to target,” he said.

(This is a summary of the session. The longer version will be uploaded in the coming days)

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