New brand marketing campaign from Edmunds reminds consumers that honest car buying advice is a valuable asset in a tough market


“The need for trusted automotive advice for consumers has never been greater as car buyers struggle to deal with key market challenges such as record prices, rising interest rates and inventory limited,” said Alison Steinlauf Anziska, Vice President of Marketing for Edmunds. “As a legacy brand on a mission to empower car shoppers, our tools have only grown in relevance in today’s market. Edmunds’ opportunity is to reach a wide audience of consumers through strategic channels to inform them of all the resources we have to offer.”

The new commercials titled “adventure calls” and “Americanparodies familiar tropes used in today’s automotive commercials as an opportunity to reintroduce Edmunds as a behind-the-scenes guide through the car-buying journey. The spots were directed and developed in conjunction with Hannah Levy, Director at Tool, Creative Production Partner. Levy first partnered with Edmunds by directing the two original commercials Edmunds launched earlier this year. Her extensive directing experience includes working as a short film director for NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

“I was thrilled to have a second opportunity to collaborate with Edmunds on this campaign,” Levy said. “Car advertising cliches beg to be parodied. I sought to capture the over-the-top nuances of the genre and subvert them.”

“Consumers expect sexy, shiny, or even rugged representations of products in automotive ads,” Anziska said. “Using the element of surprise, Edmunds disrupts these expected tropes to lightheartedly remind viewers that we’re also here to help them through the less glamorous process of buying or selling a car. We were thrilled to work working with Hannah and having her in the director’s chair to help guide and communicate our brand message in a relevant, humorous and memorable way.”

Both spots will run through 2022 and beyond on YouTube and on connected TV and online video properties including NFL, Fox, NBC, DirectTV, EyeQ, OTT Advisors, Telaria and more.

Initial creative platform development and brand campaign support was provided by The Martin Agency.

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Associate Director, PR and Communications
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