Netflix Launches OOH Marketing Campaign For Aranyak Web Series


Known for its rather innovative marketing strategies, Netflix has launched an OOH campaign for its upcoming “Aranyak” web series. The series will launch on December 10.

The streaming and production company has installed billboards in the city of Mumbai that reveal the characters on the show. With each new day, the billboard features a new character added, making it more likely to be noticed by passers-by. Unlike any other brand with huge banners and large fonts enticing customers, the series seems to have taken a minimalist approach through this marketing gimmick.

Dipashree Das, Content and Brand Marketing at Netflix, also shared the same via a LinkedIn post, which caught the attention of many.

Previously, Netflix ran an experimental campaign to launch the show’s trailer. The same had created a new buzz around ‘Aranyak’.

Set in the dense Himalayan forest, “Aranyak” features Raveena Tandon as a harassed local cop, who teams up with his town-raised replacement, Angad (Parambrata Chatterjee), to solve a murder case in big price of a teenage tourist. As the two struggle to overpower the serial killer entity, old skeletons are unearthed and a forgotten myth is rekindled.

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