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There’s no such thing as awards season in Hollywood. For four months, from November to February, the entire industry is galvanized to celebrate the best storytelling from both sides of the camera and new classics are entered into the awards ledger alongside newcomers and unannounced indie phenoms.

It’s as exciting in the industry as it gets, but all those red carpets and tearful speeches belie the complex and competitive campaigns Hollywood marketers have to endure as they try to capture the attention of the audience and tastemakers from across the industry. Gone are the days of simply streaming a movie to as many theater screens as possible or running trailers on cable TV during every major network commercial break. Competing for rewarding voter adulation, public recognition, and respect from Hollywood influencers requires a multi-pronged approach that spans mediums and tactics. And sometimes you have to be a little original.

Even Hollywood, new tools

When legendary director David Lynch set up camp on a busy corner of Hollywood Boulevard with a black and white cow, a seemingly endless supply of cigarettes and a sign to push for an Oscar nomination for Laura Dern for her role in 2006’s Inner Empire, it was rightly considered a bizarre and effective way to capture headlines and eyeballs nationwide. The stunt was a perfectly Lynchian exercise in all its absurdity and earnestness, but in many ways the director’s effort reflected the nature of modern Hollywood advertising. You have to delight and surprise people to be successful, while simultaneously reminding them of what they love about movies in the first place.

One challenge Lynch didn’t face 15 years ago, however, was the sheer competition for eyeballs and interest that drove contemporary marketers to evolve and expand their arsenal. According to research firm Parks Associates, there are more than 300 streaming services available today, and the average American uses seven different platforms. This means audiences have a wealth of choice when it comes to how and where they interact with their favorite content, whether at home or on the go.

But the ubiquitous access that streaming has introduced has done nothing to weaken the emotional connections consumers develop with their favorite movies and shows. In fact, it’s clear that the relationship between content and audience is increasingly vital, and that connection determines everything from how consumers spend their money to the type of other media they interact with. According to a recent survey by Amazon Ads and Kantar, nearly half (45%) of respondents were likely to have an emotional connection to their favorite content and characters, and 43% said their favorite content based on a film and/or a series is very important in their daily life.

Audiences don’t just watch; they immerse themselves in the stories and worlds they love. For example, they listen to podcasts to learn more and they buy licensed toys, a category that is expected to reach $35 billion by 2023. Sixty-nine percent of licensed toy shoppers responding to the survey agreed that their emotional connection to content influenced purchasing decisions over the past year, with almost the same number (68%) saying they were likely to purchase an IP-licensed product in anticipation of the release of a film and/or a series. This number also increases as audiences interact with content, with 78% likely to purchase an IP-licensed product after watching a movie and/or series. It’s clear that the connection between audience and content not only creates emotional connections, but also drives commerce and influences buying decisions.

The emotional resonance between audiences and content is undeniable, and Amazon Ads can help movie studios and entertainment marketers fuel those connections by building content strategies that engage with people while they enjoy their content. favorite, wherever it is. Amazon’s offerings, from IMDb to FireTV and Twitch, can enable marketers to engage with consumers in a variety of complementary ways, creating cohesive marketing efforts that build meaningful connections the moment a band airs. -announcement until its release and beyond.

Films and audiences form special bonds, and good marketing campaigns should reflect and reinforce these relationships. By using tools like Amazon Ads, marketers and entertainment studios can deliver their campaigns to a wide and varied audience, helping to connect audiences to the content and products they love. Navigating the marketing life of an award-winning film is far more complex than before, but it’s still about bringing the joy of Hollywood to the audiences who love it most.


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