Meta Launches First Marketing Campaign Since Rebranding | Advertising



Following its rebranding to Meta last week, the company formerly known as Facebook launched its first consumer brand marketing campaign on Friday, outlining its take on the metaverse.

Led by Meta’s in-house creative agency Creative X in partnership with creative agency Droga5, Meta’s ad features a group of art students exploring a museum when they encounter Henri Rousseau’s painting, ” Fight between a tiger and a buffalo “. The 2D painting changes and becomes 3D, surrounding the students with an immersive experience of the vegetation and the dancing fauna.

The ad ends with a video of the Facebook logo merged and converted to the Meta symbol.

The campaign was created in partnership with Grammy-nominated artist and filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang with characters designed by Sonny Gerasimwics, the designer of Wild Things in “Where the Wild Things Are” by Spike Jonze.

The characters were created using AI to process live animal puppets and connect them to 3D CG environments.

The campaign will run in the United States on the Facebook platform and on TV until December 5.

Meta generally divides its creative activity among different agencies. Previous US campaign reported Ogilvy as a reference agency for Instagram; Wieden + Kennedy for Facebook proper; Leo Burnett is AOR for Messenger; BBDO manages creation for WhatsApp; and Droga5 is the agency of reference for the corporate brand.

The company also recently awarded its $ 750 million global media business at Spark Foundry.



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