Managing Partners Forum Selects Clark Hill for Best Marketing Campaign Award | News and Events


The Managing Partners Forum announced on June 15 that it had selected Clark Hill’s “Simply Smarter” brand and website launch for its 2022 Best Marketing Campaign award.

In association with knowledge partners harvard business review and the Financial Times, The 20th Annual International Awards recognize excellence in leadership and management in professional services organizations globally.

“This recognition is a tremendous testament to the vision and support of the company’s leadership, as well as the tremendous collaborative effort of colleagues across all departments, offices, business units and industry teams,” said said Susan Ahern, director of marketing and business development for Clark Hill.

After several years of expansion for the company, the Simply Smarter initiative aimed to achieve streamlined branding and corporate identity, full cultural integration and company-wide strategic alignment.

“It was critical to develop a brand that reflects and unifies our culture and solidifies our internal and external corporate identity across all geographies,” Ahern said. “We used the corporate brand in every office and practice culture to unify identity, create cohesion and amplify cross-collaboration.”

Selection criteria by MPF include a combination of strategic alignment, employee leadership and engagement, stakeholder education, positive customer impact, and measurable impact against goals within a reasonable time frame. . Companies are judged by leading consultants, business thinkers and experts based in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia.

This is the second award in three years for MPF’s Clark Hill. In March 2020, MPF selected Clark Hill with its “Best Marketing Initiative” award.


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