Magura USA comes to Sea Otter with a stated purpose


MONTEREY, Calif. (BRAIN) – So what is the “state of Magura” after the industry’s upside-down past two years in the face of the pandemic, lockdowns and supply chain issues ?

Along with reuniting with industry colleges and supporting key customers and athletes, Jacob Chaplin was only happy to talk about Magura USA at the Sea Otter Classic booth K18.

“As everyone knows, the pandemic has turned out to be quite an unexpected time in the bike industry,” said Chaplin, Magura USA’s motorcycle and marketing manager. “Most of the business has been wild with many exciting twists and turns. Magura has used this time to fine-tune our business for the benefit of all: OEMs, distributors, dealers and consumers. We have focused on investing in our people. , infrastructure and business partners.

Chaplin said Magura’s supply chain issues have been mitigated by working closely with key suppliers and customers to respond quickly while planning for the future and keeping the market filled as best it can.

“Fortunately, we have seen substantial growth with pre-existing and new customers across all distribution channels,” he said. “This growth would not have been possible without planning and support. Part of our future planning is to implement several programs that will ensure that our business partners receive the training they need.

This will include a web clinic studio at Magura USA headquarters in Olney, Illinois, which is expected to be in place this summer. Chaplin said Magura is not disclosing further details at this time.

“We’ve also worked closely with all technical bike schools to ensure they have the equipment and training necessary to be successful,” Chaplin said.

Promotion and marketing took on added importance after Magura USA and Magura Germany merged social media platforms, which Chaplin says gives their partners global exposure. “This is especially useful for small OEs. Basically, we try to thank our partners.”

Then there’s the Alliance program, which accepts pros and weekend warriors alike. Applicants are asked how they can promote Magura in their communities. In return, Magura offers product incentives and highlights on its global social media channels.

“Part of our Alliance directive is to ensure that members direct future Magura customers to their preferred local IBDs,” Chaplin said.

While Chaplin said the pandemic has opened up new ways to work together digitally, there’s nothing like an event like Sea Otter to bring everyone together in one place.

“Events like Sea Otter provide a gathering place for the cycling community and allow us to further strengthen relationships with business partners and end consumers,” he said.


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