Launches New LotteryLink Brand to Boost Global B2B Affiliate Marketing

0 announced on Tuesday that it had launched LotteryLinka brand initiative of its global B2B affiliate marketing. The lottery operator also launched B2C customer marketing campaigns in December 2021and expects to drive B2C user growth in 2022 with this direct-to-consumer marketing in addition to the growth generated by LotteryLink.

It’s a continuation of’s strategy of using highly recognizable and descriptive names and domains to reach its global digital audience and leverage the company’s affiliate marketing capabilities, according to a Press release.

The company has a pipeline of online and physical affiliates who plan to be significant contributors to LotteryLink in 2022. For example, one of its main affiliates has developed a customized program specifically aimed at brick-and-mortar retailers promote the purchase of products by their customers. A pilot of this program was launched in December 2021 with one of the largest food retailers in the country.

In addition, the company launched B2C customer marketing campaigns in December 2021. With a focus on leveraging’s recognizable brand, these campaigns use multiple media channels, including targeted digital ads and search engine optimization to reach new users. The company funds these campaigns with cash on hand, including $30 million received from the previously announced sale of prepaid advertising credits in the third quarter of 2021.

Tony DiMatteo, CEO and Co-Founder of

“We are working aggressively to grow our user base while maintaining a strong focus on capital discipline,” said Tony DiMatteo, CEO and co-founder of “I believe the combination of LotteryLink’s ability to grow our user base with limited marketing spend and our favorable customer acquisition costs in our B2C segment positions us to increase profitability. oday is an example of the steady progress we are making on our growth initiatives.We remain focused on continuing to execute on our strategic plan.


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