Lightspeed Commerce: 10 Automated Email Marketing Campaign Ideas Your Golf Course Could Use Right Now


Email personalization has become a necessary marketing tactic to fully engage your customers in your business. 92% of customersexpect brands to send them personalized communications and 80% are more likely to make a purchasewhen a brand’s marketing campaigns are more targeted.

Fortunately, coming up with smart and engaging email content for your course doesn’t have to be difficult. Thanks to marketing automation software,you can create custom campaigns that are sent automatically when customers meet a certain set of conditions or take certain actions.

Here are 10 automated email marketing ideas to build loyalty, retention and revenue for your golf course:

1. Reservation channel

2. Loyalty points

3. Round Celebration

4. Birthday Party

5. Disability Milestone

6. Opened but did not click

7. Where have you been?

8. Pro Shop Promotion

9. Re-engagement

10. Build up your game

Turn one-time customers into regulars

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1. Segment by booking channel

Does your software track which channels each booking comes from? It is important to understand exactly how a customer made a reservation. Whether they come from an online site distribution partnermobile app, website or phone call, each booking channel requires a unique message.

For example, for those who choose to book tee times through a distribution partner, it can be helpful to send an email encouraging them to book through your app and website to save you distribution costs. . Or maybe you want to convince people who book over the phone to use your websiteor a mobile app instead to free up your staff for other tasks.

You can also send promotions here to reward those who book through your preferred channel. For example, you might want to reward customers who book regularly through your website or app.

2. Segment by Loyalty Points Balance

If you have a customer loyalty points programIn place, you can use automated email triggers to send emails whenever a customer exceeds a certain loyalty points balance threshold.

The content of the email can be anything from a reminder to spend your points in store, a thank you message for being a top customer, or a double points promotion. of loyalty.

3. Congratulations on your 10th, 15th, 20th round

When a player reaches a certain number of turns played, send them a celebratory email. Send successive emails for each milestone and follow their progress as they play more and more.

If you have graphic design resources at your disposal, you can even include an attractive infographic that fills in as the player plays more rounds. Think of this email as a way to make your course fun and friendly to encourage your most frequent customers to keep playing with you.

Even better, you also have the option of placing a well-timed promotion or offer in these emails, such as an offer on golf balls or food and drink.

4. Your birthday is coming up

People are looking to plan something fun for their birthday, making this the perfect opportunity to hook up your golf course. To do this, your loyalty platform will need to collect and store date of birth information.

Then, use automated email triggers to send a succession of emails or a one-time email before a player’s birthday. If you’re having trouble getting customers to give you their date of birth, let them know you plan to use it to send special offers.

5. Disability Milestone

Delight your customers by congratulating them on achieving a certain disability. Use an email trigger that gives a pat on the back to get a better handicap before offering a discount on more spins in the future. Chances are that a player who is actively working on improving their game is in the market to play more rounds.

6. Opened but did not click

Typically, when you have an email that had a high open rate but a low click-through rate, that means the subject line was enticing enough to attract an open, but the content inside failed to impress. When sending an email to people who didn’t click through after opening it, pay attention to the content of your email and make sure what’s in it is more engaging.

Use this proven automation tactic to regularly remarket to a targeted audience that is likely to engage with your larger emails.

7. Where have you been?

If a golfer played ten rounds last year, but didn’t play any rounds this year, there is an opportunity to win them back via email.

With your email marketing software, set up an automated email campaign that is sent when a certain expectation is not met i.e. when someone has played less than 5 rounds this year, but played more than 5 last year. Your campaign can include a series of promotions based on the number of interactions needed to get customers to book with you again.

8. Smart Pro’s Shop Promotion Emails

If your Golf POScaptures a wide range of customer data, using customer buying behavior in your marketing strategy becomes very valuable. Sending marketing emails based on a customer’s past purchases is a powerful way to entice customers to purchase similar or complementary items.

For example, use your marketing software to see customers who bought polo shirts from your pro shop around this time last year. Send an automated email that promotes similar polo shirts and other matching clothing items to drive sales.

9. Never re-engage clickers

If you’re currently doing email marketing, you probably have a list of most engaged subscribers and least engaged subscribers. Try creating special campaigns to get your less engaged subscribers to take action.

An engaging email starts with an attention-grabbing subject line. Use a bit of humor, an emoji, a friendly tone, or whatever you think would most motivate your audience to open up. There are plenty of smart subject line tipsand ideas that can help you increase your open rates.

Once you’ve found an engaging subject line, your email body should be just as compelling. Include eye-catching visuals and clear calls to action to encourage more clicks.

10. Build up your game

You might have players who only hit your driving range or tend to stick to nine holes. With email marketing it is possible to sell longer games to these customers.

Use your CRM to pull up a list of players who only play 9-hole rounds or who have only played a certain number of times at the driving range. Once your roster is ready, send them an exclusive promotion on a full 18-hole course.

Meet modern expectations with golf management software

When it comes to email marketing, booking tee times, and your overall customer experience, modern golfers expect more. Be on the ball with a robust golf management system like Lightspeed Golf. Create a beautiful personalized website, offer online and in-app reservations, send targeted email campaigns and much more.

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