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Lazyshiba to launch million dollar global marketing campaign in 2022

Lazyshiba, a BEP-20 token that automatically rewards users for holding a certain number of tokens, recently announced the launch of its $ 1 million global marketing campaign for 2022. Coming out with a successful presale that has exceeded All Expectations, Anonymous The development team reveals that this global campaign aims to target investors around the world.

With 5.5,000 token holders, an outstanding supply of 2 billion tokens and 122 million tokens burnt, Lazyshiba was designed to reward all of its token holders with 4% of each executed transaction. Each day, these holders will see the number of tokens in their wallet increase. In addition, an additional 4% of transactions will be added to the cash pool, which will help increase the value of the token. In addition, 2% will go to marketing and team expenses.

To promote transparency and security, Lazyshiba has been audited by Dessert Finance, a leading company that audits a plethora of BSC projects. According to the report, Lazyshiba is a user-friendly platform, has no JavaScript errors, has a spell check setting, and has an SSL certificate. In terms of security, the report describes it as a safe project with no malware or spam found.

An emerging project, Lazyshiba only allows token swapping through the PancakeSwap platform, but according to the project’s roadmap, talks are underway for swap listings.

Contrary to what you may have thought, Lazyshiba aims to be more than just a “shitcoin”, but a token with a supportive, diverse and engaged community. Offering an all-in-one crypto project while setting itself apart from all other altcoins in existence, Lazyshiba, in addition to launching a million dollar marketing campaign, will also launch an NFT collection in partnership with PancakeSwap. In addition, a decentralized exchange, LazySwap, and a crypto wallet, LazyWallet, will also be launched. They will both be compatible with both IOS and Android operating systems.

Building a diverse, supportive and dedicated community

According to a recent press release, the main goal of the development team is to create a sustainable and engaged community comprising members from different parts of the world. This community will be called LazyArmy. The creation of this diverse community, to the team, is an essential component of the success of the project.

To see this come to fruition, the Million Dollar Global Marketing Campaign was launched. This will incorporate a plethora of activities such as posting ads and writing articles that will be published on some of the best crypto websites. In addition, regular contests to stimulate the interest of potential community members were held as part of the marketing campaign. That’s not all, partnering with some of the most influential crypto names and brands and displaying ads on billboards in various countries are part of Lazyshiba’s 2022 global marketing campaign strategies.

As mentioned earlier, 2% of every executed transaction will go towards covering expenses incurred by the marketing team throughout the campaign.

With an in-depth and targeted marketing campaign underway, the goal, according to the aforementioned source, is to reach the top 250 cryptocurrency spot while turning Lazyshiba, the cute and lazy version of, into a worldwide hit. Designed to reward users who hold tokens, Lazyshiba aims to create a project that not only offers its investors the opportunity to earn gargantuan rewards, but seeks to become a leading crypto project.

With thousands of actively traded cryptocurrency platforms, as CoinMarketCap reports, Lazyshiba’s vision of becoming one of the top 250 projects, while not impossible, will require dedicated marketing, something like this global marketing campaign from a million dollars he’s about to lead.

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