Kaizenlabz Brings Growth to Shopify Brands with New Age Retention Marketing Strategies


Kaizenlabz adds value to brands by increasing their LTV, AOV and profit margins.

Since the pandemic, many have turned to e-commerce to supplement their income and take advantage of the growing popularity of online shopping. This has resulted in an oversaturation of brands and much fiercer competition. Skyrocketing advertising prices from popular sites such as Facebook and Google only add to the challenge of succeeding in the competitive landscape. Kaizenlabz, a growing marketing agency, provides a solution. By bringing modern marketing techniques focused on audience retention, the agency helps Shopify brands increase revenue and achieve growth goals while adding a minimum of $150,000 to their bottom line.

“Brands that focus on retaining, growing, and owning their audience in 2022 will win,” the Kaizenlabz team says.

According to Kaizenlabz, consistent growth is about growing and retaining a loyal customer base that generates sales without spending money on ads. When customers are loyal, they are more likely to recommend a brand to family and friends and continue to support them despite a bad experience. They contribute to better brand visibility and reach, which leads to increased sales in the long run.

SMS and email marketing are the key to achieving this. Compared to other marketing tools, they are more accessible, more profitable and more sustainable customer acquisition channels. In fact, 86.1% of recipients open text messages within 30 minutes of receiving them, while email subscribers tend to spend 138% more than unsubscribed customers.

With SMS and email marketing, Shopify brands can run personalized campaigns that cut through the noise of unwanted ads. Brands can better engage with the right audience and increase their engagement.

Additionally, these marketing channels provide insights into customer behavior and interests, helping brands improve their service and deliver the products their audience needs and wants.

“Is your brand using email and SMS marketing to improve customers, LTV, AOV, retention and profit margins? If not, what are you working on most importantly?”

Kaizenlabz takes care of everything necessary to ensure transparent and effective SMS and email marketing campaigns. Its Shopify and marketing experts will design weekly email and SMS campaigns focused on customer loyalty and retention. The team combines this with innovative branding strategies, email and SMS automation, advanced copywriting and customer segmentation to achieve the best results.

Kaizenlabz says that by working with their team, Shopify brands can increase their LTC, AOV, profit margins, and fuel growth without unnecessary ad spend.

Find more details on how Kaizenlabz helps Shopify businesses grow here: https://kaizenlabz.com.

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