Jagan should learn marketing strategies


The BJP responded with great success and skill to the BJP’s aggressive external campaign, which was designed to garner maximum mileage. The ruling party booked all billboards, billboards and advertising spots well in advance, then quickly filled them with images of kcr and the achievements of its administration. They also erected prominent billboards that questioned Modi’s shortcomings. And to welcome opposition presidential candidate Yashwant Sinha, the whole city decked in pink on the day Modi arrived with his flags, signs and banners, especially near the raj bhavan where Modi would be staying.

KCR personally led a massive rally of 20,000 party members carrying Sinha from Begumpet Airport to Necklace Road, where he delivered a speech. Now visitors to the city were unsure whether the event was a bjp rally or a very event. The campaign completely dominated that of the opposition. At the same time, the mediatizes the successes of the kcr government very widely and criticizes the failure of the Modi government on social networks.

KTR’s open letter to Modi received a lot of media attention. To deprive the bjp of a chance, the very shrewd handed out big front-page advertisements to the media. Now the YSRCP should learn from it. Even though the party has a substantial following on social media, it does not do very well in promoting the achievements of the Jagan administration. The party uses the police to harass opposition party members for making derogatory remarks, but it just has the opposite effect.


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