Is The Bancoposta Loan Worthwhile?


Do you want to learn more about BancoPosta loans? Then know that you just keep reading to learn about all the proposals created by Poste Italiane for those who need to receive a loan . Poste Italiane is also able to provide personal loans, which are also called Banco Poste Loans.


It must be said, however, that the mail for the granting of a loan does not behave very differently from what other institutions do. What really matters is the possibility of being able to obtain guarantees from the loan applicant before proceeding with the disbursement.


Below we present all the different proposals of Bancoposta for loans, but what we will try to understand more is whether we really need to request one .

If your intent, therefore, is to clarify, you can do it here. We just have to wish you happy reading!

What kind of loans does Poste Italiane offer?

If you have a current account opened with Poste Italiane and if the loan is disbursed, you have the possibility to receive the credit directly on the account . From here the withdrawal of the loan installments can also take place.

The types of loans that Poste Italiane provides are of various kinds. There are the classic personal loans with which you can freely choose what to do with the money provided, or the targeted loans, ideal for achieving a specific spending purpose stated at the time of the request.

Do you need financing to buy or renovate your home, buy a car or a motorcycle? Then Poste Italiane can have the right solution for you.

What are the advantages of this loan?

What are the advantages of this loan?

Let’s start by giving an idea of ​​the Bancoposta loan regarding the advantages it offers:

  • Convenience : as we have already mentioned, it is possible to request the loan to be credited and repaid directly to your Banco Posta current account.
  • Security : the interest rates imposed by the Post Office remain fixed for the entire duration of the loan.
  • Flexibility : customers who wish or need it can recalculate the amount of the installment and vary the duration of the loan even when it is in progress.


Features and requirements of the BancoPosta loan


Features and requirements of the BancoPosta loan

Banco Poste’s pase financing is dedicated to current account holders and allows them to ask:

  • From a minimum of 2000 euros to a maximum of 30,000 euros

The duration of the loan must be agreed with the post office you are contacting, when you request a quote. The repayment times vary from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 84 months.

As the applicants must be current account holders, the credit is paid directly to the BancoPosta account from which the monthly repayment installment is withdrawn.

Another aspect that makes this loan more convenient is that there is no need to add other costs when applying for the loan . TAN and APR of the loan are convenient and often below the average of other loans.


What are the required documents?


What are the required documents?


If you are thinking of applying for a loan right away, you can do it by going to the nearest post office with the following documents:

  • Identity card
  • Passport and residence permit, for foreign citizens;
  • The tax code;
  • Documents proving income, for Italian citizens

It is not compulsory to be credited with the requested amount on the post office account. If you wish, you can request accreditation on PostePay Evoluton, mail book, other current accounts.

Anyone who is not a Banco Posta customer can still request a loan but up to a maximum of 10,000 euros and in cash.

Loan can be requested online

To do things faster, but also more conveniently, you can apply for BancoPosta loans directly online.

The features remain the same:

  • From 2000 to 30,000 euros loan
  • Refund from minimum 1 year to maximum 7 years
  • Fixed TAN for the entire duration

To obtain the loan, just complete the application on the Poste Italiane website.

Available loan types

Here we give an overview of the types of loans that can be requested from Banco Poste:

  • Flexible BancoPosta : this loan allows you to change the amount of the installment and shift the duration of the loan up to 108 months, the sum that can be requested goes from 3000 to 30 thousand euros.
  • Loan to renovate the house : the loan to renovate the house amounts to up to 60 thousand euros to buy building products, photovoltaic and solar panels, appliances, furniture etc. The advantage is also being able to take advantage of tax deductions. The duration is from 36 to 120 months.
  • Loan to buy a house : from 10 to 60 thousand euros can be repaid from 36 to 120 installments. The deed of purchase must be added to the documentation.
  • Loan for the car : if you need the new car there is the Banco Posta Auto finalized loan offering a minimum of 7500 euros to a maximum of 30 thousand euros with a duration from 34 to 84 months. The intention to purchase the vehicle must be demonstrated.