Is It Possible to Get a Post pay Loan without Income? – The Loan for Me

One of the most important issues for those who want to get a loan both online and in the classic mode is: can you get a loan without pay? And in particular in this article we want to understand if it is possible to get a loan with PostePay without payroll.


First of all we must take a rough but very useful consideration. What does’ without payroll? . Without pay or income, they are not the same thing. Which means that when it comes to loans without pay, it doesn’t mean that a loan is granted (small or large) even without the money. This is impossible: no form of financing can be accessed if you do not have any kind of remuneration.

What it means loan without payroll is that it is the case of granting the loan to a person who has a salary, but not the classic paycheck: for example the CUD, or atypical workers, or project contracts, seasonal ones, or lay-off workers, are all subjects who receive a form of income but who is not the classic salary for just pay.

Here is what the correct meaning of a loan without a pay slip means . Obviously it is not possible to obtain any loan, not even PostePay, without income. However the special SpecialCash PostePay loan can also be granted to people who are not in possession of the pay slip (in the terms we have specified above). In practice it is a loan without guarantees and which is granted by Italian and foreign citizens, with some specifications.


First Special Cash PostePay is granted to :

First Special Cash PostePay is granted to :


  • Italian citizens
  • foreign citizens who present the certificate of income, passport or residence permit
  • be between 18 and 70 years old
  • bring your health card and identity card
  • be in possession of the PostePay on which the SpecialCash PostePay is credited

In practice, at the time of the request for SpecialCash PostePay, the internal capital (which is a minimum of 750 euros and a maximum of 1500 euros) is credited to your Postepay account.

No guarantee is required at the time the loan is signed. The sum paid must be returned by means of a postal order or a current account.

Depending on the credit bands disbursed, there is a certain return time for SpecialCash PostePay :

  • if you get 750 euros, you must return 834 euros within 15 months
  • if 1000 euros are obtained, 1136.50 euros must be returned within 20 months
  • if 1500 euros are obtained, 1732.50 euros must be returned within 24 months.

Furthermore you pay a fixed monthly fee, the tax on the first installment of SpecialCash PostePay and a one-off stamp duty when you open the file.