“If your heart is invested in a purpose, the head will generate enough blueprints,” Sadhguru at Brand Insight 2021


The first step in developing your branding strategy is to ask yourself, “What problem does my product solve?” ”, According to Atika Malik, strategic advisory partner; Former COO and CSO, Cheil India, South West Asia. Speaking at the second edition of Isha Leadership Academy Brand Insight – Decryption of the brand image, an interactive online workshop for entrepreneurs, senior executives, business executives and marketers, she went on to say, “Brands with a purpose surpass those without.

Under Sadhguru’s leadership, no less than 121 business leaders from 13 countries gathered online at BrandInsight– Decode branding to learn how to harness the power of branding to create a profitable business. Key strategists who discussed brand strategies that day included Alpana Parida, founder and CEO of Tiivra Ventures; Babita Baruah, Managing Partner, Global Team Blue India; Dheeraj Sinha, CEO and CSO, Leo Burnett, South Asia; Subramanian Krishnan, Former Chief Strategy Officer, TBWA India; and Sourabh Mishra, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Branding, Azendor Consulting.

Continuing the session on “The Power of Purpose”, Sourabh Mishra guided participants through the process of defining a brand. “The brand goal isn’t just about brand communication, it has to be at the heart of everything your business does, including the product, marketing, and culture,” he said.

Sadhguru, Founder of the Isha Foundation, shared his thoughts with the many participants and business leaders in attendance, stressing the importance of having a goal before defining a brand strategy. “Instead of a plan, have a goal. If your heart is invested in a goal, the head will generate enough plans, there will be no lack of plans… The plan is a limited way of managing life, if you have a goal. strong for a lifetime achievement, ”Sadhguru said at the event.

During the session on “The power of positioning”, Babita Baruah, Managing Partner, Global Team Blue India, spoke about the importance of applying rigor to understand your positioning and brand culture before rushing to write a brand positioning and culture statement.

Show advertising films from brands such as Amazon, Starbucks India, State Bank of India and others as case studies, Baruah with Subramanian Krishnan, Former Chief Strategy Officer, TBWA India; demonstrated to participants how positioning is about communicating to customers the benefits of engaging with a brand.

The event was hosted by Anisha Motwani, Brand and Innovation Expert, STORM the NORM Ventures; Independent director. “As people we have a soul, the brand is the soul of a company,” she said.

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Posted on: Sunday, September 19, 2021, 3:50 p.m. IST

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