How would you rate eBay’s new marketing campaign?


eBay has launched a new marketing campaign that plays on the post-pandemic lockdown fever that has gripped America. “Survivalist Coyote Peterson and a team of style experts are helping shoppers tackle their next big adventure – reentering the world after a year of lockdown,” eBay explained.

In his Press release Announcing the campaign, eBay’s Vice President of Fashion, Charis Márquez, was quoted: “As restrictions lift from coast to coast, we continue to see unprecedented trends in key categories. from eBay, people who are reinvesting in ways to express their personal style to preparing their home for returning guests.”

For example, eBay said sales of inflatable mattresses were up 50% year-over-year and sofa bed sales were up eight times higher than home offices.

Featured guides and experts include:

Entertaining Ready: Collect vintage wine glasses and sequined baguette purses from fashion influencer and TikTok star, Jessica Wang (@jessicawang).

Ready for the first date: Browse casual-yet-stylish loafers, white jeans and Ray-Ban sunglasses from fashion and lifestyle influencer Anthony Urbano (@oh_anthonio).

Front Row Ready: Pick up special-edition sneakers, vintage wristwatches and classic trench coats from the designer behind many of today’s best-dressed athletes, Courtney Mays (@courtneydmays).

Ready for the office: Find Rolex watches, classic blazers and functional-yet-stylish travel bags from the sneaker lover and “image architect” behind today’s biggest stars, Law Roach (@luxurylaw) .

Ready for the holidays: Stock up on classic Levi’s shorts, designer beach towels and chic swimwear from celebrity stylist Maeve Reilly (@stylememaeve).

There is a video on YouTube, but it doesn’t look like it will be shown on TV. eBay instead pointed to its social media channels.

What do you think of the campaign and what is your favorite eBay ad?


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