How to unlock the value of your next B2B video marketing campaign


Azadeh Williams explains how B2B marketers can leverage video to bring campaigns to life and generate leads, without breaking the bank or breaking the bank.

There is ample evidence to show video marketing is a powerful way to light up your inbound marketing engine and build a emotional connection with customers. Unfortunately, few B2B companies are taking full advantage of video marketing, citing time, resources, and expense as the main reasons why they don’t attempt it.

Here, I take a look at some of the ways B2B marketers can unlock the value of video in their media and marketing campaigns.

Why video is the new “gold” of B2B marketing

According to Forbes, embedding videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates of 80 percent. Likewise, Anti-rebound says that including a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rates by up to 80%.

Hub Spot reports 72 percent of customers prefer to discover a product or service by video. Reports also show 95 percent of people watched an how-to video to learn more about a product or service.

People are too 27 times more likely click on a video ad than on a static ad.

It’s no wonder that campaigns that incorporate video marketing enjoy 66 percent more qualified prospects per year.

Don’t be left behind by your competition

It’s fair to say that businesses that don’t use video as part of their marketing efforts will end up failing to attract, convert, and hold the attention of consumers.

So what’s holding you back? Let’s take a look at a few common reasons why B2B marketers are reluctant to incorporate video marketing into their inbound strategy:

  • Basket too hard: You need to find the right video agency, negotiate the prices, sort through the briefs, and then juggle your video agency, your PR agency, your brand agency, and your social and digital managers. In the end, you’re exhausted and the other marketing priorities catch up with you quickly. The solution? Find a media and marketing agency that can do the heavy lifting for you. Who knows how to integrate video marketing into your inbound paid, organic, social, PR, and lead generation campaigns.
  • Exploded budget: Mention the word “video” and many marketers think “budget suicide”. But contrary to popular opinion, video marketing should not be confused with a advertising campaign, or a TVC. Video marketing can be very simple, targeted, and can be produced on a large scale with a very reasonable budget. Short, to the point, and enjoyable organic video content can be quickly and easily integrated into social media posts and EDMs. And scale quickly at a fraction of the cost of an ad.
  • Dancing in the dark: You decide to do a video campaign, produce a great video, distribute it on social media, then… nothing. Why not repurpose your video content in blogs or integrate them into a PR campaign? Some of the most successful revenue-generating campaigns we’ve done have been when we produce a customer testimonial, reuse it in a written use case, then pitch the story to the press and incorporate it into the applications. The content can then be amplified on your social and community channels.
  • C-suite buy: Another common reason video marketing never gets started is when the C suite doesn’t understand marketing or the value video content can bring to the mix. Unlocking the value of video marketing must start from the top down. Which can, in many cases, be slow burning. In this case, start small, test your campaign, and build gradually.

Simple tips to get started

When it comes to producing great video marketing campaigns, education is key. Here are some easy ways to start incorporating video into your B2B marketing mix, without breaking the bank or breaking the bank.

  • Create watertight processes and a project management workflow: Video marketing needs a lot of collaboration and tight deadlines. Make sure your marketing team has seasoned project management skills to ensure seamless collaboration with minimal delay. If there is no internal capacity, use the services of a Integrated media and B2B marketing specialist.
  • Avoid cutting round corners: Poor quality video can do your brand more harm than good. Make sure the quality of your video content is top notch, the sound and images are clear, the message concise, and the overall appearance matches the brand.
  • Snack content: Some of the best video campaigns are done in small pieces. Try breaking a webinar into short, hour-long clips, creating a series of vox pops following a B2B event, or repurposing a series of podcasts into multiple video animations. These pieces of content are great for creating engaging social media cadences. Or to integrate into your GED to support your incoming initiatives.
  • Analyze the data: Keep track of all data regarding engagement, clicks, conversions, and lead generation. This will be essential if you want to demonstrate to the C-suite that video marketing works and requires continued investment.

You are only limited by your imagination

With the proliferation of exceptional video marketing talent, creative project management tools, and marketing automation solutions, scaling video marketing campaigns has never been easier.

From customer advocacy videos to product demo videos, webinar video content, vox pops and animations, B2B marketers have an exciting opportunity to leverage video to increase engagement, generate leads, and create a memorable experience for customers beyond the product or service.

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