How to apply for the duplicate of your credit card statement.

With the development of technology, simple tasks in the bank have become even simpler. This means, for example, that it is possible to make money transfers on the smartphone, pay bills using the camera phone, and even make investments through the online platform. In addition, verifying your on-screen card bill is also completely possible, which can make everyday life easier.

There are situations, however, that having the invoice on another device is more interesting. You may, for example, be an individual who still prefers to have paper accounts for general budget control. Or maybe you need to contest an account, and having it in a new version will make it more practical. For these cases, the consumer may request the duplicate of his invoice. Not sure how? Find out soon!

How to order the duplicate invoice?

How to order the duplicate invoice?

The first way to get a duplicate bill is to access the option directly from bank applications. Each institution makes its own available for smartphone and computer, so the consumer is easy to check their movements. Some banks prefer to make alternatives available also directly on their websites.

If the card is managed by a store, such as department stores and appliances, the means are similar. The websites of each company have the alternative for issuing the document. As well as face-to-face care.

You can also contact your credit company or store by phone. With the attendant on the line, the consumer should explain his request, the reason for it, and verify the alternatives for receiving the duplicate. In many cases, the operator proposes to resend the document by mail.

Credit Card Invoice: Physical vs. Digital

Credit Card Invoice: Physical vs. Digital

Certainly, unforeseen events may occur, and those who receive the credit card bill in the mail may have their document lost. Or maybe you get the data, but you lose the sheet. If you have already noticed a pattern and have to order the new one all month, it may be time to change methods.

The vast majority of institutions offer consumers the possibility of online invoicing. With this option, each month, the bank or store is responsible for sending the document by email. Thus, the customer can view their debts easily, and anywhere they need.

Itaú, for example, allows the visualization of the invoice even in the mobile application, facilitating the consumer’s life.

In addition to this viewing advantage, the digital invoice option is environmentally friendly. After all, hardly a sheet of paper makes so much difference when you plan to pay. Therefore, whenever possible choose the online version of the credit account.

Some carriers are still able to send information via cell phone via SMS, which most individuals have access to.

However, if you would like to change and standardize the way you receive credit card invoices, please contact the responsible company. Thus, you can update address, request the paper or digital, change the due date of debts and other features.