How COVID-19 Has Changed Global Marketing Strategies



The year 2020 is not over, but COVID-19 has influenced the marketing industry during the current year. COVID-19 and its depressive effects have changed the market, but the question is, how is it ruining the marketing industry?

In this article, we will discuss the impact on global marketing and how it can be restored.

This epidemic has implications for our personal lives, our business, our entertainment industry, our sports, and most others. In marketing, many companies have changed their marketing strategies, but remember that changing strategies immediately ruined businesses.

The brands have prepared the strategies that will make them stable after this pandemic, while these strategies also create opportunities for growth in this pandemic.

Changes in Marketing Strategies Due to COVID-19

As we saw earlier, brands have changed their strategies and adapted to the situation, and those changes have sort of stabilized, but not for all companies.

Here are the things that have changed during this COVID 19 pandemic.

Traditional marketing

Traditional marketing

The reach of traditional marketing has been reduced due to the lockdown that has been put in place in most parts of the world. Traditional marketing strategies include signs, brochures, etc., which are helpful in attracting the local community.

However, when outlets and offices were closed, traditional marketing was not a good option. It can be said that traditional marketing has failed by half in this pandemic, while it is no longer effective during the epidemic.

For example, a clothing store has been closed for two months because of the shutdown, and if you go for traditional advertising, you are wasting effort, investment and time because people stay at home.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing

The famous marketing strategy in this COVID-19 epidemic is digital marketing. Digital marketing has never been so popular because it is more beneficial when people use more smart devices.

You may know that people prefer to buy online rather than physically going to the store. To this end, digital marketing is the best way to increase brand awareness and awareness of your online store during this time as most people stay at home while watching TV, mobile and online. surfing the internet.

Digital marketing involves various techniques like social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. All of these tactics are effective and create the branding process for businesses.

Electronic commerce and its marketing

The e-commerce industry has reached record levels as merchants conduct their business through their online store. Many local stores have launched their websites to deal with their customers digitally.

E-commerce digital marketing is the way to increase their leads and sales, while also being a better option for brand awareness.

There are various marketing strategies you can apply in your online store during this pandemic, as mentioned below:

SEO strategies to increase your domain authority

  • Firstly, SEO is very important in increasing brand awareness because it is effective in increasing your ranking in SERPs. Optimizing your online store with on-page SEO, off-page SEO, backlinks via online backlink builder and other SEO techniques will instantly increase your traffic. While making backlinks, try to select a quality website. Verify their domain authority by a genuine da pa verifier. There are a number of authority checkers available on the Internet.

Brand awareness via social networks

  • The presence of people from all over the world on social media has increased, so you need to stay active on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram. These channels can drive traffic to your website while increasing sales and leads.

Email advertising

  • Email marketing has become vital again as it is one of the ways to present your online store to your repeat customers.

Ways to score in this pandemic

Increase your services:

As we know, many people have suffered from the loss of jobs or businesses in this lockdown, so try to get closer to them to build your brand.

If you run an insurance company, take certain actions to renew policies. If you have a clothing store, invest money to give discounts to customers or give face masks to those who need them.

Anything you can do for the community will increase the quality of services and this will have a positive impact on people.


Like many brands, you also need to present your business digitally, as people usually stay at home. In this scenario, they are buying online, and if you still haven’t interacted with online sales, your competition will be missing out on you.

This is not required as only the clothing industry can go digital, but almost any business can go online. If you have an accounting firm, for example, you can deal with clients through online tools and video interfaces.

Many physicians and engineers continue their services through video calls and online portals.

Increase your on-site service

In this pandemic, most department stores are offering local deliveries so customers can stay home safely. Also, many edible items such as meat, chicken, food, medicine, etc. are also available at home.

In this way, the stores will resume their activities while the notoriety of the company in the local community will grow.

Cheap PPC

paid ads are the best option in this pandemic

Whether you have an e-commerce store or a consulting company, paid ads are the best option in this pandemic. This is because paid ads like Google AdWords have become cheaper because advertisers are smaller than publishers.

This way, you can increase brand awareness, leads, sales, and organic traffic. Most companies also cost their services. Like Netflix is ​​cutting back on their monthly subscriptions to help people stay at home.

Coursera, one of the most popular educational sites, offers many of its courses for free to help students develop their skills effortlessly.


The marketing strategies mentioned above may be about your business, but remember that the best strategy depends on your business and its nature.

There are various marketers who are advising online through their website to make your business stable in marketing during this pandemic.



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