How can hotels explore this to their advantage?


Did you know that you can achieve more direct sales, increase your income and strengthen your online presence with hotel affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing programs are one of the most effective ways to attract new visitors to your website.

And although creating affiliate marketing programs takes time, it is worth it.

This marketing strategy is relatively hands-off once in effect.

Let’s dive into the details of how it works in the hospitality industry and how it can benefit you.

What is Affiliate Marketing in the Hospitality Industry?

Hotel affiliate marketing is a strategy by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing and promoting a hotel company’s products or services.

The affiliate simply finds a product or service they like, then promotes it and earns a percentage of the profits from each sale made by the company. Sales can be monitored through affiliate links from one website to another.

Many people tend to associate this phrase with easy and effective passive income. Bloggers and social media influencers primarily benefit from affiliate marketing programs; however, hospitality businesses can also benefit.

Broadly, this strategy involves receiving a portion of the profits from a hotel business that promotes and sells its products and services.

How do affiliate marketing programs work?

Hotel Affiliate Marketing is not magic or rocket science!

When you establish affiliate marketing programs for your hotel, several travel bloggers and social media influencers will sign up as affiliates. You need to give them access to the online dashboard from which they can generate affiliate marketing links.

These affiliate marketing links will then be posted on social media pages and stories, blogs and websites by travel bloggers, influencers and other website owners. When someone clicks on these links to make a hotel reservation, the hotel owner pays a commission to the qualifying affiliate.

Typically, the amount of money the hotelier will pay as a commission to an affiliate marketer fluctuates; however, the base price determines this.

The benefits of affiliate marketing for the hospitality industry are significant and also open up multiple marketing channels.

They are free for the hotel. Additionally, you will only be obligated to pay once a reservation has been confirmed and you have received payment for a visitor’s stay.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

Hotel affiliate marketing has peaked with the rise of several major social media platforms. For starters, there are various advantages to using affiliate marketing in the hospitality industry.

Here are a few :

Increases the occupancy rate of your hotel

When you act as an advertiser, the publisher affiliate will include links to your booking platforms on its social media platforms or website.

This can significantly increase your room reservations and, therefore, your occupancy rate. Due to the practice of profit sharing, this is a win-win situation for you and the affiliate.

And the icing on the cake?

This marketing strategy is a great benefit of affiliate marketing, and it works 24/7 without requiring much effort.

Performance-based payments

Affiliate marketing is essentially a performance-based strategy. This means that you only have to reward the affiliate once the goal has been reached. For example, when a booking is successfully made and payment is received from the customer.

There are two significant benefits hoteliers can gain here. The first is that you have to pay for performance, which translates into a higher return on investment. Moreover, there is a high probability of getting results.

The affiliate wins when he reaches the goal; it keeps them motivated and engaged, and most of the time the goal is achieved.

Therefore, you have the freedom to pursue any goal. This can be a turnover or a large number of visitors to your hotel website. When the agreed upon goal is achieved, only then should you reward the affiliate.

Create an influx of traffic

Collaborating with affiliates and introducing them to your affiliate marketing programs will lead to a significant increase in traffic to your website. The more websites that link to your hotel website, the more traffic you will receive. It also impacts your organic traffic and your website ranking improves as well.

Now suppose it is agreed that in order to receive a commission, an affiliate must bring a confirmed booking; the affiliate sends someone to your website, but the potential customer does not book with you. You don’t have to pay the affiliate in this scenario, but you still get a visitor to your website. There may be several such situations where, whether or not the objective has been achieved, at least some effort has been made. This helps increase traffic to your website. Some seasoned affiliates have a large customer base that you can use to increase your monthly visitors.

Affiliate marketing is quite easy to follow

One of the best things about hotel affiliate marketing is that you can easily track it and determine which affiliates are profitable and which are not.

Certain key performance indicators (KPIs) can provide quantitative insight into the performance of your affiliate partners. This can help you determine what changes you need to implement.

Some of these KPIs include:

Click-through rate: It shows the percentage of clicks on a specific ad campaign. If the percentage is significantly high, it means things are going well for you.

Cost per click: It refers to the cost of a single click. For example, if you pay an affiliate $1000 for ten clicks, the cost per click is $100.

Cost per sale: It’s literally the cost per sale. This is the total amount paid for each successful sale or conversion.

Increases brand reputation

Famous personalities in the affiliate marketing industry have legions of fans. Their unique tweet or Instagram post can create a huge impact on their audience.

Affiliate marketers generate buzz for your hotel by writing engaging blogs, posting engaging social media posts, and performing various other activities. The direct impact can be increased traffic to your website, more followers, and followings on your social media handles.

Besides the obvious and immediate gains, there will also be long-term results. This will help increase sales. Take, for example, a social media influencer. This person has the ability to influence the buying decisions of a large segment of the population and is also well positioned to profit from affiliate marketing campaigns.

They already have a huge fanbase, so it’s convenient for them to direct potential customers to your website through social media posts, blogs, and other engagement activities with their followers. Influencers can then receive a portion of the revenue generated from a confirmed sale.

Knowing more about these benefits should definitely give you an idea that it’s time for you to expand your marketing strategies with good old fashioned affiliate marketing.

Wondering where to start?

Carefree! We are always happy to lead the way.

It’s time to jump on the affiliate marketing bandwagon

You can, of course, start by creating your marketing campaigns. You can use travel bloggers and social media influencers to drive more traffic to your website and make more direct sales.

But at the same time, you can also generate more income by becoming an affiliate!

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