Homely launches new brand positioning in national marketing campaign


The growing Australian real estate portal, Homely.com.au, launched its new brand positioning “More than real estate” with a multi-channel campaign via a number of key media partners.

The nationwide campaign was uploaded to multiple channels earlier this month, including out of home via oOh! media, radio with Nova and the ARN network, and online via Mamamia.com.au.

The portal has also launched paid social, programmatic and live view campaigns across the country.

Homely.com.au, the largest industry-backed portal, has also produced a number of YouTube and pre-roll videos to highlight its value proposition: making the home buying process easier for people. people looking to find the perfect place to feel at home.

The portal has a number of product offerings that support this, including suburban and street reviews from real locals, discussions with the local community, and a local agent finder.

The portal has also produced exceptional videos promoting its new alert and collection features; the latest in a line of new digital products designed to help people find relevant listings faster, as well as rate and share their favorite properties with loved ones.

Homely’s Marketing Director Amanda Kramer said there has never been a more exciting and intimidating time to buy property in Australia.

“The process of finding that ‘perfect’ home isn’t always easy for a myriad of reasons,” Ms. Kramer said.

“We know that women tend to make over 90 percent of home buying decisions.

“When you look at the online and offline processes which unfortunately tend to be more difficult than they should be, besides layering everything else on top of it, the mental load is real for many people who have a lot to do. .

“What sets Homely apart in the industry is something we love to sing about: our business is truly designed to make it easier for people to find their next perfect home.

“Our site is ad-free, clutter-free and beautifully easy to use; We offer suburban, street reviews, and local Q&A discussions that make it easier for people to find information about neighborhoods that interest them, before they inspect properties.

Homely is the largest industry-backed real estate portal in Australia and provides much needed competition for the online real estate industry.

As the portal continues to grow quarter over quarter, consumer awareness is critical.

“We’ve been in business since 2014, but we’re a new brand when it comes to our consumers looking for goods,” Ms. Kramer said.

“Our goal for this campaign was to bring new momentum through impact, reach and frequency.

“First, we made our brand assets more distinctive, and then we worked with fantastic media partners to find high impact opportunities that reached our ideal audience segment as often as possible. “

With most capitals stranded during the busiest time of the year for the industry, the traditional spring selling time was very different across the country.

In Victoria, one of Homely’s largest territories, inspections were not allowed at all, while in New South Wales inspections were limited to single people.

Homely used this state-based fragmentation to test a bolder media strategy, underpinned by a digital investment to reach out to those stuck at home.

Queensland emerged from lockdowns earlier and was therefore selected for partnerships with out-of-home media and radio to capture people on the go.

“This campaign was designed to reach the right audience at the right time, and we’ve invested a lot in our targeting to do so,” Ms. Kramer said.

“We worked closely with our media partners to achieve the results we were looking for. We are already seeing great results including an increase in inquiries, media gained and an increase in user-generated content submissions to the site.

“Nationally, we worked on a focused and relevant digital approach that strayed from the native side and matched the needs of our audience. Our content partnership with Mamamia is one example that works particularly well.

Adam Spencer, CEO and co-founder of Homely, said he was excited about the next phase of the company’s growth.

“Our proposition is strong and we have a number of products in the works to continue to support our position as a force for good in the industry,” he said.

“Our new ‘More than Real Estate’ positioning is a proud reflection of our value proposition, our enduring commitment to our customers and users, and this is ultimately what drives us every day to constantly challenge the industry standard. . We’re just getting started.

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