Holiday Extras Backs Up Cancellation Refunds – Now Will Give Multiple Cash Back


Last month we have reported complaints from hundreds of angry customers who had not expected reimbursement from Holiday Extras, for airport parking, hotel stays or other travel extras, which the site also sells. The company invoked a “force majeure” clause in its terms and conditions which it said allowed it to refuse refunds and send coupons instead.

A Facebook group created by customers to keep abreast of their attempts to collect money attracted over 500 members, and the company subsequently performed poorly in our travel agency cancellation reimbursement survey.

Now, Holiday Extras says that all customers with flexible bookings who have canceled can choose a cash refund instead of a voucher, regardless of when the cancellation is made – and some with inflexible bookings may also be in. able to obtain refunds. The U-turn has come as UK holiday companies Hoseasons and reversed its coronavirus reimbursement policy last week, while the operator of the Parkdean caravan site also changed course and offered customers a set of measures including 50% credit on 2021 fees.

For full help on how to get a refund for a canceled stay, and more, see our Coronavirus travel rights to guide.

How has Holiday Extras changed their refund policy?

When we talked about it last month, Holiday Extras said that customers who booked airport parking, transfers, or hotel stays in April or May and canceled after March 17 would get a voucher. purchase worth the price paid. Importantly, he said this would apply even if the original booking was flexible and therefore would generally have resulted in customers getting a full refund minus the cancellation fee.

However, the company now claims that many people who canceled reservations will be able to request a cash refund:

  • If you have a flexible booking for any date, this can be canceled until 11.59pm the day before the start and you will automatically receive a voucher worth the total price of the reservation. But now you can redeem that for a cash refund by filling out Holiday Extras Online Refund Request Form.

    Cash refunds will be the full price of the booking less a £ 10 cancellation fee (and any items in the booking that you agreed were non-refundable at the time). You will have been advised of the cancellation fee when booking – the amount may vary depending on the type of booking, but should have been similar, eg usually £ 10.50 for parking bookings only.

    If you paid extra for a cancellation waiver, you will NOT have a cancellation fee deducted (although of course you will not get back the money you originally paid for the waiver). Please note that you can no longer purchase a cancellation waiver with new bookings.

  • If you have a non-flexible booking until the end of June 2020, this can be canceled online up to 11.59pm the day before and a voucher will be issued again. Whether you can get a refund instead of a voucher depends on the type of booking – Holiday Extras says inflexible airport parking bookings and stays at two regional airport hotels will not be eligible for a refund, but other types of reservations, for example, airport transfers, will be. Again, to apply, use the online reimbursement request form.
  • If you have a non-flexible booking from July 2020, Holiday Extras states that if you cancel at the time you will NOT receive a voucher or refund at this time – although it also says that you should check its refund page later in June to check out his latest advice on this.

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