Heard at B2B World Fest: “Follow your passion and purpose, and the profits will follow”


The Drum editorial team covers the B2B World Fest 2022 live. Here are the insightful, poignant and thought-provoking things industry leaders are saying…

“Employees say improving their well-being is more important than advancing their careers”

Raja Rajamannar, Marketing Director, Mastercard

When you pursue purpose and passion, profits will follow… When you sincerely pursue a social cause or try to eliminate a pain point, not for political correctness or your CEO’s soundbites at a conference annual, the results are fantastic.

Jill Wiltfong, Director of Marketing, Korn Ferry

Almost universally, workers are burnt out…work stress is at an all time high. Burnout accounts for approximately 40% of employee turnover. The average cost of replacing staff is 120-200% of their original salary…so the fallout from the big quit is absolutely significant. It plays a huge role in businesses and people. The impact will last a long time.

Michelle Klein, Vice President of Global Trade Marketing, Meta

Meta is not going to build this next computing platform alone. We have said so publicly. The difference between that philosophy and the birth of the internet, the birth of mobile – those were designed for government or different use cases that weren’t necessarily for consumers. But consumers have embraced these technologies and businesses have adapted… That’s why we focus on building [the metaverse] in partnership with so many different developers, government institutions, researchers and so much more, we really do get it right…

Siddharth Taparia, Global Marketing Director, JLL

No employee chooses an employer based on their benefits. The concept of well-being is a much broader thing. Do you have a culture where people feel empowered to talk about their mental health? Can you walk into a meeting and say I feel depressed? Many companies do not have this culture… These notions of well-being are very important. Employees say improving their well-being is more important than advancing their careers. [You need to] look at it from a cultural perspective as well as a support perspective, who goes into benefits and so on.

Ana Villegas, Director of Marketing, NI

The reputation of a company [needs to have] an end-to-end view where we look at KPIs that are connected to the customer, but also connected to our employees, our communities and our investors. This is a very transversal effort [throughout the C-suite]. We have a set of goals, so we’re all heading in the same direction. It will become more and more integrated. In my 28 years in marketing, the brand and how you measure it was first and foremost about the customer…now looking at it from this different perspective really opens up the conversation.

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