Grass Valley Unveils New Logo and “We Love Live” Marketing Campaign


Grass Valley has launched a strategic focus on live video. Under the banner of “We Love Live”, Grass Valley launched a new corporate identity and marketing campaign that underpins its vision for the future of the media and entertainment market.

“Every goal, every reminder, every story – the live is forever and in everyone’s DNA at Grass Valley. We empower our customers to deliver the live moments that matter to people around the world, from anywhere to anywhere, on billions of devices, ”says Tim Shoulders, CEO and President of Grass Valley. “Today, we are reinforcing our mission to support our customers in their transition to the future of media and entertainment through IP, software and cloud-based technologies. We strive to give today’s media companies the agility they need to produce and deliver compelling live content and guide them to flexible operating models that embody choice and workflows. streamlined to enable economic transformation.

Grass Valley powers its media centers, mobile production units, 24-hour newsrooms and sports streaming platforms. The company enables content owners and service providers to create and deliver engaging live experiences while streamlining and optimizing their operations. From native IP cameras to state-of-the-art cloud production platforms, Grass Valley remains at the forefront of cutting-edge live media innovation by continuing to lead the way. pioneering market advancements based on the efficiency of cloud and software to transform live content for the streaming age now and in the future.

“The Grass Valley name is recognized in media and entertainment, reflecting decades of industry experience and deep knowledge of how to deliver top quality live content,” said Neil Maycock, CMO of Grass Valley and General Manager of playout. “We have refreshed our corporate identity to position Grass Valley for the future as we support the ongoing transformation of media companies producing the world’s most valuable content while driving industry-leading innovation. “

Working with 90% of the world’s media players – from NEP Group to Eurosport to EA Sports and national networks – Grass Valley continues to pioneer cutting-edge advancements in the market. The GV Media Universe (GVMU) is a digital ecosystem that enables media companies to use both on-premise and cloud-based technologies to create live production environments while adapting to future demands. Grass Valley has an ongoing roadmap for launching new solutions and partnerships, allowing third-party partners to work together to improve live content production and distribution workflows. The new visual identity embodies the collaborative nature of GVMU.

Shoulders concluded, “Originally slated to be unveiled at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Grass Valley’s new visual identity reflects the foundations on which our brand is built: the GVMU partner ecosystem, our technical excellence, the trust we have. built through the media sector, the flexibility we bring to our clients, the vision we bring to the evolution of the market and our willingness to innovate and support media companies in their transition to a future based on the cloud.

This strategic decision is accompanied by strong support from investors Capital of the Black Dragon.

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