Global Affiliate Marketing Platform Awin on its Agency Support Strategy Prolific North


How Awin works with agencies

“Before, it was very focused on advertisers and publishers. Agencies didn’t have a lot of room.

“I feel like it’s really changed and now they’re [Awin] really on board and we work very closely with them. We have a network of agency executive peers that we work with and host roundtables and get direct feedback from, based around them.

Awin now works with a host of partner agencies including iProspect, Mediacom, eComplete and agency Leeds Twentysix.

Brown hosts a “Northern Agency Tour” twice a year, where she takes part of the agency team, editors and experts depending on what’s trending at the time, to visit partner agencies with offices based in the North.

“I much prefer to go to the agency offices and present in person to all of their teams, you get so much more out of it and it really strengthens this partnership.”

From bespoke workshops to virtual webinars, Awin either works with an agency to introduce them to affiliate marketing and how the platform works, or bespoke to adapt content and improve the skills of agencies already offering affiliate marketing. affiliation.

“We currently have around 173 agencies in the UK that we have an active partnership with. They generate sales on the platform and it is about 600-700 customers. There’s quite a diverse mix of client size or volume of clients they deal with, so they may only have one or two programs with us or a client has over 200 programs.

Programs, she explains, are the various brand agencies that service and manage through the affiliate network.

Awin divides its agencies into four main categories. Large media agencies, including Mediacom and iProspect, which could be part of a larger group; affiliate performance agencies; micro-agencies that include consultants within affiliate marketing or start-ups; and public relations agencies.

“Then we choose a few targeted partners from among them, so none of this is based on volume, it’s done on their needs, so if they contact us further, we will put them in our list of targeted customers. “

Performance, support and future

Compared to the traditional way of working with PR and the difficulties of tracking sales generated by a magazine spread for example, the platform can show what content is working to increase sales.

“It’s performance-based, so you get a really good return on investment (ROI). Everything is measurable, transparent, traced, you can see everything. It’s really easy to optimize because you can quickly spot where the performance is strong and where it can be better,” she explained.

“Current representation between agencies is minimal so there is still a lot of work to be done, it has definitely improved over time with content partners and PR opportunities in traditional publications like Future.

“On the agency side, we’ve seen a massive influx of agencies wanting to get better at affiliate marketing, wanting to use the performance model, and how they’re paying them as well.”


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