Genesee County Legislature Approves Vaccine Marketing Campaign with Rochester Organizations


The Genesee County Legislature, at a special Committee of the Whole meeting a few minutes ago, approved a contract with Common Ground Health of Rochester to partner with Causewave Community Partners, also of Rochester, to conduct a regional marketing and awareness campaign promoting the benefits of the Covid19 vaccine.

The cost to Genesee County of the $ 150,000 initiative, which will focus on rural counties in the Finger Lakes region, is $ 15,171.10 – using federal grant money.

“We believe this is a small investment of federal money intended for outreach efforts to educate hard-to-reach people and those hesitant about vaccinations,” County Director Matt Landers said. . “The campaign is not designed to influence people who have already made their decision about vaccination.”

The resolution states that the proposed marketing and outreach strategy will consist of purchased advertising from a number of local and regional outlets, acquired media, and direct mailings targeted to specific populations in the region.

It also says that public health directors and county leaders see an “urgent need to undertake the campaign to increase vaccination rates and to try to slow the increase in cases, hospitalizations and deaths from the disease. COVID-19 “.

Landers said the wording of the contract provides for the possibility for the county to be reimbursed if the agreement is terminated before all services are rendered.


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