FJ Benjamin Partners with Commission Factory to Strengthen Affiliate Marketing Program


FJ Benjamin has partnered with Commission Factory in an effort to accelerate their affiliate marketing program. Using the technology, expertise and affiliate partner relationships of Commission Factory, the fashion retailer and distributor aims to create a cross-channel strategy, linking its social network to content sharing platforms. For starters, the partnership will push brands like Superdry and Airfree into Singapore and Malaysia.

Brand creation and management company, FJ Benjamin, owns an international brand portfolio of more than 20 fashion, lifestyle and watch brands. Along with Commission Factory’s large number of publishers, FJ Benjamin aims to grow his e-commerce business by increasing brand visibility and tapping into a larger consumer market, thereby propelling it toward achieving its target.

“We are delighted to embark on this adventure with FJ Benjamin. The launch presents an exciting opportunity for its brands, especially Superdry and Airfree, to reach new audiences through our publishers in the South East Asia region, ”said Emma Bhatti, Head of Advertisers Department, Commission factory.

Emma Bhatti the announcer Head of department, Commission Factory

She added that the partnership enables Commission Factory to support FJ Benjamin’s current and future business goals through its high-level localized support.

FJ Benjamin said he was delighted to see the developments that will result from this long-term partnership with Commission Factory. In particular, he expects to see an increase in site traffic and “Share of Voice” for each of their brands.

In the partnership for Superdry Singapore and Superdry Malaysia, FJ Benjamin will benefit from open communication with Commission Factory’s marketing and affiliate teams, earn up to 10% commission on sales value and reap an average value of Order (AOV) raised from RM 350 to RM 500 (Malaysia) and S $ 200-S $ 300 in Singapore. AOV refers to the average amount spent each time a customer orders from a website or app.

Superdry is a contemporary brand that focuses on high quality products merging American and Japanese inspired graphics that incorporate British flair. The brand offers quality fabrics, authentic vintage washes, unique details, hand-drawn graphics that are the best in the world, and bespoke cuts with varied styles. It has gained exclusive brand appeal and international fame.

The Airfree affiliate program will mostly offer similar benefits including up to 10% commission on sales value, a high AOV of S $ 400 to S $ 500. The program should work well, considering the product – a highly efficient and versatile air sterilizer from Portugal. It has the exclusive patented TSS technology to destroy 99.99% of viruses, including COVID-19, using a heated ceramic core.

Commission Factory is an affiliate marketing network that has helped over 600 brands through its service. It serves as an intermediary between advertisers or marketers, and affiliates or publishers / partners. Commission Factory provides the technology to track and attribute sales to affiliates and facilitates the payment of affiliate commission for the advertiser.

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